Thursday, April 30, 2009


Honey, can you pass my guitar bag.

Can't find it?

You remember, it's the white quilted Chanel bag that's sitting in the corner.


Sorry...just having a pretend conversation with myself on how awesome and so necessary this all is.
Chanel guitar bag from the Chanel Paris show 09.


(Top: Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony F/09, Pour La Victoire, Surface to Air buckle Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell Wedge shoe)

So I think we're seeing a trend here.



Mama needs a new pair of heels to suffice her until Chloe's new OC line comes out this fall.

Ever since I saw Chloe's Sevigny's new fall line for Opening Ceremony, I have been lusting over those saddle-shoe boots. Cannot wait for this launch. I love the whole line, yet everything I can pretty much emulate shopping at a thrift store. But that's the whole aesthetic of Chloe's line, and I'm not mad at it.

Can't you just picture it on my pretty little feet? love it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Effortless cool

(image taken from

What fashionista doesn't love the work of the sartorialist? Another great documentation of style. Love the effortless way this whole look pulls together. Super basic-but gooooooood basics..oh yeah...

Mo's picky picks

what i want

(dress and shoes from opening ceremony, grey ant sunglasses, margiela laddered leggings, acne motorcyle jacket
opening ceremony black ankle boots, balenciaga pink suede sandals, alexander wang hobo bag, acne sleeveless crepe

goddamn me and my naturally expensive taste.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

And yet another one..

Loving these. I think it's going to take me a while to get out of this whole lace-up look. A very long time. Obsessed! Made by Dolce Vita. Get it here:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


New auctions are up, come check them out. These are just some teasers. Need some new duds? I'm your one-stop shop! Come by and say hello! Here:

Will post more and interesting things soon! I am trying to recover from my epic weekend of being at Coachella and laying by the pool..oh..the hard life! 

But it can't be all fun and all play, back to the grind-school and work work work!!



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Preview for Saturday Sample sale

Some preview items L-R: Vintage canary yellow Gucci long sleeve; Society of Rational Dress denim collar; hippy Chloe white boho top.

Come come shop! Awesome items from the sample sale, as well as vintage items from ms. veronica chanel and myself.

Ok really...

I just want anything that says bondage and tie me up. If only they had some sort of lace-ups for my eye lids...shut these bad gals up. You can find these at

Lace me up tight

How amazing are these? And they come in a gray color now, that is of course out of stock!! Must get my hands on these before they get away.

Heidi Abrahamson

Well, first off..I have a deep admiration for mid-century modernist jewelry, especially after taking a metal smithing class last semester. You get a sense or appreciation, more so, when you learn to work with your hands. It was hard! I hope to continue and improve that craft one day.
I scout from time to time, modernist jewelry online (mid-century/modernist refers to the time period of 1930-1960) at least that's what I understand. It is a synthesis of architecture, sculpture, and a bit of geometry. Once I finish reading up the subject, I will be sure to elaborate in the future.

Read these:

Modernist Jewelry 1930 - 1960, The Wearable Art Movement. and Form & Function, American Modernist Jewelry, 1940 - 1970. by Marbeth Schon.

Would love to get my eager hands on these books! Must save up!
Ok, getting to the point of these images. They are from the lovely and most gracious jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson. Her jewelry is stunning, and the form and stones she incorporates into her jewelry design is breathtaking.
Funny story, I blogged her on my myspace blog under inspiration...and I guess she found me through my blog, and messaged me. She is great and offered me advice and her help if I should ever need it in the future.
Thanks Heidi will do.

Please check her out:

Needless to say, I felt a little "star" struck. Oh if only I wasn't a poor starving student, I would buy everything up from her collection. But one day, I will reward the very near future.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No photo of mo

(Endofanera white T, Levi's jeans, Pudel cardigan, Vtg Doc Martens, Vtg silver cuff, 1451 earring)

So, a little disclaimer. I'm warning you now, the outfits and pictures of myself, will not always or maybe will never be noteworthy, but I will be posting them, because I understand they generate interest, whether it be good or bad feedback.

I honestly hate taking pictures of myself, seeing as I feel awkward..and by no means do I think I am a "model."

Anyway, keeping it casual, seeing as I need to just be casual going to work. I went to the rosebowl, and made out like a bandit this past Sunday. I scored some vintage Bally flats, adorable Ferragamo flats, and these awesome Doc Martens to name a few.

The whole point is to find these things, so I can sell them..kinda hard when you have your own obsession with shoes. Maybe I'll break these Doc Martens in for a minute, really give that "break-in" feeling for the next owner.. yea..

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

Love my vivienne westwood jellies. I am not a fan of jelly shoes in general, but these are awesome. I spotted this original Vivienne Westwood shoe on eBay and was stricken with grief when I didn't win them. But alas, fate has brought us together in a reincarnated form. The line she did for the austrailian shoe brand is all of Vivienne Westwood's most popular designs from her past collections. Super affordable way to rock her stuff. Get it here

I need this leather blazer by Hannah Marshall from Need, Need, Need. Also need need need money to buy all this. Le sigh....

Ring me up

Great piece from ongwat jewelry. Wouldn't mind slipping this on my finger.

comme des garcons

Images from
Oh my gosh, this is great. South park animation of Kanye and his entourage outside the comme des garcons show. Of course the animation of it all, is even better.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sample sailing 09

Come check this out. Will be an awesome deal on great high-end designers..and veronica and I will be selling our great vintage selection, including: Vintage Gucci, Chloe, and much more.

Come support, would love to see you all there.


..and of course need this jacket from Matthew Williamson for H&M. Another night of sitting in front of the H&M store at 4:30 am in the morning on a thursday? Hmmmmmm...

Speaking of Ishi. He's a wonderful friend, artist, and great jewelry designer. His line is now for sale and accessible at Super excited to see this as you know it's hard to find his collection. Also check him out at

Suppressed 13 year old rebel

So my good friend Bianca came over the other day to grab some things I have been keeping for her and Ishi, from my storage. I was wearing a holey white vintage T and some cut off shorts, and a spikey pewter bracelet. She immediately said, "Wow Mo, are you channeling your inner 13 year old rebel self again?" 

It was hilarious but oh so true at the same time..guess I never got to indulge that in my younger days. Better late than never.

Anyway loving the stuff from 

Afraid to commit?

I was too. Anyone else a girl, and feel a dire need to have a mustache? I'm sure you're out there. Just discovered and bought this wonderful piece. It's brilliant and great. Always wanted a mustache tattooed on my finger, but I'm so afraid of needles! Anyway been getting a lot of requests and questions about this piece so here you go.

Oh yes, you'll come to see I have an obsession for obscure and modernist jewelry. Mostly things that can adorn my little love love.

Here we go.

How do I even begin? 

I'll start by sharing the story behind  buttons and bows. 

I always knew I wanted to be a part of the fashion world...

I remember when I was around the young, ripe age of 10,  I would watch those runway shows on VH1 and be super inspired. Does anyone remember that? I especially loved Anna Sui's boho fashion runway looks back in the day. 

Time has passed, and I know where my strong points are..rather than be the designer, I found that I have a knack for picking out things (at least that's what some tell me). I especially love the behind the scenes of it all. I hope to get to do more one day. 

Today, or should I say tonight, might be the beginning of it all.

Well to make a long story brief..I always wondered what I would name such a humble boutique I would hope to own one day. 

About 2 years ago, I went to the botanical gardens in Brooklyn, NY. I saw a little rose bush, perfectly guessed it. Buttons and Bows. Perfect.

Anyway,  glad to have you here with me through this journey. Here we go...