Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heidi Abrahamson

Well, first off..I have a deep admiration for mid-century modernist jewelry, especially after taking a metal smithing class last semester. You get a sense or appreciation, more so, when you learn to work with your hands. It was hard! I hope to continue and improve that craft one day.
I scout from time to time, modernist jewelry online (mid-century/modernist refers to the time period of 1930-1960) at least that's what I understand. It is a synthesis of architecture, sculpture, and a bit of geometry. Once I finish reading up the subject, I will be sure to elaborate in the future.

Read these:

Modernist Jewelry 1930 - 1960, The Wearable Art Movement. and Form & Function, American Modernist Jewelry, 1940 - 1970. by Marbeth Schon.

Would love to get my eager hands on these books! Must save up!
Ok, getting to the point of these images. They are from the lovely and most gracious jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson. Her jewelry is stunning, and the form and stones she incorporates into her jewelry design is breathtaking.
Funny story, I blogged her on my myspace blog under inspiration...and I guess she found me through my blog, and messaged me. She is great and offered me advice and her help if I should ever need it in the future.
Thanks Heidi will do.

Please check her out:

Needless to say, I felt a little "star" struck. Oh if only I wasn't a poor starving student, I would buy everything up from her collection. But one day, I will reward the very near future.

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