Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No photo of mo

(Endofanera white T, Levi's jeans, Pudel cardigan, Vtg Doc Martens, Vtg silver cuff, 1451 earring)

So, a little disclaimer. I'm warning you now, the outfits and pictures of myself, will not always or maybe will never be noteworthy, but I will be posting them, because I understand they generate interest, whether it be good or bad feedback.

I honestly hate taking pictures of myself, seeing as I feel awkward..and by no means do I think I am a "model."

Anyway, keeping it casual, seeing as I need to just be casual going to work. I went to the rosebowl, and made out like a bandit this past Sunday. I scored some vintage Bally flats, adorable Ferragamo flats, and these awesome Doc Martens to name a few.

The whole point is to find these things, so I can sell them..kinda hard when you have your own obsession with shoes. Maybe I'll break these Doc Martens in for a minute, really give that "break-in" feeling for the next owner.. yea..

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