Sunday, May 31, 2009

Im on a roll tonight...

I think I'm just antsy about my party tomorrow. But I can't stop posting. I also can't stop watching this video. It's kind of amazing.

Hellz Bellz

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 Lookbook... Thoughts?????



J*Davey, NoMsg, Skeet Skeet, Booty Two

It's been a long time.....

So much excitement in so little time. This has been a great week, and I have so many awesome photos that I will upload soon. From Memorial Day extravaganza to LCD Soundsystem to Lykke Li attempts....this week has been bananas. After all it is birthday week!!!!!!

I'm watching the MTV movie awards and saw Ashley Tisdale rocking these shoes.... very similar to the boots that Chloe Sevigny made for her Opening Ceremony collection. Anyone know who makes them???? They are pretty fly.

Anyway...I promise many many photos to come soon...I feel as though I've neglected you a bit. ♥ Erin

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Simple Minded

(images from Pre-fall 09)

I pretty much love Alexander Wang anything, but I wanted to post these for their simplicity and outfit inspiration.

What a great layer concept with the sheer bike shorts. I am wondering if the look would look the same just by cutting some sheer hosiery. I am dreading that the bottom would just produce a roll-up effect.

Come on American Apparel..let's knock those off too.

Love it. Will try and will post consensus on that soon.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mama said knock you out

"This all natural glycerin soap is designed to add a bit of playful subversion to your soap dish. A great gift for the street tough germaphobe or hygienic hipster."

Just like a lot of you, I have a healthy collection of two-finger rings. I say we take it to the next level. This way you don't drop the soap.

By SPYE design.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Funny Face

(Vtg heart shaped top, Stella McCartney denim skirt, Ferragamo belt, F21 ring)

So hard for me to not look soooo serious. I honestly wish my top lip was a little thinner. I like a teethy smile.

Like this : )))

Mine is the polar opposite. It's a lippy one. I know all the girls say, "Oh but women pay money to have lips like yours." But as the saying goes you always want what you don't have.

Anyway..having my hair back like that makes me want to hack away at all my hair!!
I would kick myself so hard. It's taken so long to grow, but I do love how short hair looks on women. I just don't have the hair/face structure for it. I know, I've tried.

Happy Thursday peoples, the weekend is almost ours.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trend sighting: The Sequin Jacket

(Image courtesy of

Didn't think I was a sequin wearing type of girl, but I think I may have to go where the tide goes.

Saw some good ones on ebay just right now and apparently it's all the rage.

Time to channel my inner Dolly Parton.


(Vtg red blazer, DIY Levi's, Mary Ping top, Lee Riot necklace, Fendi oxfords, Bijules bar ring, Vtg jewelry)

Went out last night with my beloved room mate/one of my best buddies Nicole, to Temporary Spaces. Unfortunately Miss Erin had to refrain, seeing as she lives there apparently...oh and also because of the fact we will be celebrating her birthday there next Monday...excuses, excuses. Tsk. Tsk.

Saw some familiar faces there...and a few I have not seen in a while! Don't you love when that happens? Definitely some good looking people there, sucked that I forgot to take pictures after a few drinks later.

Thought I was over that necklace...seeing as I feel it may be a little too junior for me to wear now. I had that necklace as a freebie working at Kitson several years ago. But it matched my jacket at the moment. Two lips are better than one? 

Love that Mary Ping top though, but can I just tell you, it's not the best top to wear in direct sun light?

I pretty much had the worst tan line ever.

It's the new tan line guys, it's avante garde and what?

Oh and yes to Givenchy everything, my gosh I need all of that in my life. 

I am a yes person.

GIVEnchy Me More...

Its very possible that I might kill someone for Givenchy's Fall Winter 2009 Collection/Accessories.

"How's it gonna feel when summer ends?"

The Cold War kids are definitely one of my favorite bands...I just found this on Kanye West's blog....and I seriously haven't stopped playing with it for about an hour. Its an interactive music video!!!!!

You will be the image to check it out.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh Marilyn how I ♥ thee...

Juliens's is having a Marilyn Monroe summer auction June 26-27th featuring clothing, jewelry, photographs, and items from her home. I just browsed through the catalog and some of these items are amazing. I am especially in love with this leotard she wore pictured below.
You can browse the entire catalog here at the website. P.S. if anyone would like to bid on something for me our birthday is coming up, it would be only fitting.
*wink wink*

"This costume is believed to have been designed by William Travilla and allegedly intended to be worn for Marilyn to sing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" but deemed inappropriate by the censors."

"This image released by Julien's Auctions shows Marilyn Monroe's personal script from the film "Some Like It Hot."

"This image released by Julien's Auctions shows Marilyn Monroe's white terry Clothe robe, believed to be the last item of clothing Monroe wore before her death."

Oh My Gawd Shoes

(Shoe T-Bottom: Vtg Bally woven flats, Vtg Ferragamo Gothic Chic flats, Vtg Uber cute oxfords)

Oh my gosh shoes. These shoes rule..I think you have too many shoes, shut up!

Love that video!

Relive the classic: Kelly: Shoes

So...shameless plug-in. I have only posted a few things up on my ebay site. Will be adding more soon. I am debating if I should sell my comme des garcons for H&M harem pants. I never wear them, but they are soooooOOooo cool. I also hate that I stood in line for them at 4:30 AM in front of the H&M store in West Hollywood..but it was a cool experience...kind of surreal.

I felt like one of those sneaker heads that you see camping out in front of stores at the store. They line up as soon as the store closes up until they open next morning, waiting to get the newest and limited edition kicks. No joke!

Anyway...check them out if you are a 6.5-7.5. I priced them pretty decent. :)

Shop ME.

Catch Up Time

(Vtg blazer, Oversized tank/F21 blue top, Cardboard Robot necklace, feather earring, D&G jeans)

Wow...this weekend was a doozy. Finally the one weekend when Erin and I could actually have consecutive days of hanging with each other, we neglected to take pictures together. Ugh!

But nonetheless, doesn't mean I didn't take some snapshots of Miss Erin. Love the way she criss crossed the over sized tank. Can we say boob hole? Heh :)

Started the night out with sushi, then driving endlessly around the city of angels(literally) and then finally...homeward bound and much needed nursing of Erin's health to follow.

The rest of the weekend was pretty epic. Pool parties and AM parties up the yin yang.

Anyway, hope yours was splendiferous!

Will be posting much more soon...Need, need to play catch up with you folks.

Thanks for all the lovely comments and love from all of you out there in blogger land.

Til then, XO

Monday, May 25, 2009


I found this on one of our favorite blogs to check out...
These awesome flat colors are from Knock Out Cosmetics, and in their own words they are "a little Victoriana meets art deco meets ultimate rock chic and get something totally unique."

It's $22 a bottle...but the results look pretty amazing. I'll be the Guinea pig, and tell you if it's worth the dinero.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Morningstar Sausage and Nike Gladiators

I'm home alive and well. Which is always a good thing after a long night out. Lots and lots of driving around....and we finally ended up at the Standard Hollywood to see my buddy Tina spin some good music. Mo took care of me, after our expedition last night, crashed on her couch and she made me heaping plate of morningstar sausage, potatoes and a cup o'coffee in the morning. ♥ you Mo.

In other news, I came across these super sick Nike Gladiators which you can find via collete.
These kicks are a collaboration between Art Center College of Design student Nancy Wu and Nike created for a Re-Mix and Re-Cut project. Check out more details on that here at Hypebeast.