Wednesday, May 27, 2009


(Vtg red blazer, DIY Levi's, Mary Ping top, Lee Riot necklace, Fendi oxfords, Bijules bar ring, Vtg jewelry)

Went out last night with my beloved room mate/one of my best buddies Nicole, to Temporary Spaces. Unfortunately Miss Erin had to refrain, seeing as she lives there apparently...oh and also because of the fact we will be celebrating her birthday there next Monday...excuses, excuses. Tsk. Tsk.

Saw some familiar faces there...and a few I have not seen in a while! Don't you love when that happens? Definitely some good looking people there, sucked that I forgot to take pictures after a few drinks later.

Thought I was over that necklace...seeing as I feel it may be a little too junior for me to wear now. I had that necklace as a freebie working at Kitson several years ago. But it matched my jacket at the moment. Two lips are better than one? 

Love that Mary Ping top though, but can I just tell you, it's not the best top to wear in direct sun light?

I pretty much had the worst tan line ever.

It's the new tan line guys, it's avante garde and what?

Oh and yes to Givenchy everything, my gosh I need all of that in my life. 

I am a yes person.


  1. ah fun times .

    cant wait to see you in some pics . ill stay tuned

  2. i like your style! great blog