Thursday, May 14, 2009

Art Walk This Way...

(Chloe crop top, Alberta Ferreti wool trousers, Society of Rational Dress leather chain vest, Givenchy heels, Prada nylon bag)

Glad for the week to finally come to its "almost" end. My friend Vanessa and I say that Thursdays are the new least that's what we try to tell ourselves. Fun times lined ahead of us tonight-having ramen at my favorite Ramen house called Atch Kotch with my friend Adrian (If you readers out there live in the LA area, you must go!). Then I will be meeting up with Vanessa and (cross our fingers) with Erin aka "E" at the Downtown Art Walk.

We will soon be having pictures together. It is silly we don't have one together yet. We both have been busy, busy, busy with school and work. This weekend though we are playing dress up!

Downtown art walk is so great because it's the once in a while, rather I should say, once a month..when Angelenos get to conglomerate and hang out and pretend we live in a bustling city like New York or Chiacago. Streets are crowded with people..let me rephrase that-streets are crowded with good-looking people..and usually lots of open bars at the open galleries.

Then after...i'll have to see where the night takes me for some more libations and dancing.

Hope your night is an adventurous one too!



  1. love the outfit. Well done babe- like always! I need that shoes!!!!

  2. Those heels are so ill! Nice pieces!

  3. your Givenchy's are hot!!
    I'd kill to have a pair!

    ..and the leather vest goes so perfectly well to your outfit!!

    I'll be checking back to your blog!!


  4. thanks so much cindy!!

    much love to you!