Friday, May 22, 2009

You ain't nothing but a hound dog

(Vintage T, Grey Ant shorts, Vtg Ferragamo belt, Comme Des Garconne hat, Vtg booties, Rayban ClubMaster sunglasses)

If you can notice, I hate wearing pants. If I wear pants, they're leggings. I feel like jeans/pants make me look stumpy, so I stick with shorts or skirts to give an elongated look. I am 5'3 after all, and sometimes you have to work with you got. Thank Bob, I live in California where I rarely have to worry about the weather. :)

Anyway..need to look for a new camera. Any suggestions on a new one? I have been looking at this one.

Time to study and hopefully make some money. Will be posting some items on my eBay soon.

Til next, have a lovely day.


  1. i haven't worn pants in months, they feel so restricting! but i just bought a couple pairs hoping i'll get in the mood for pants again.

    i recently bought that camera youre' eyeing and so far so good

    your blog is the shiieeet lady, keep posting yay!

    see you at the art show tomorrow yes?

    xo, sam

    this is hotttt


  3. you look freaking amazing. xx