Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catch Up Time

(Vtg blazer, Oversized tank/F21 blue top, Cardboard Robot necklace, feather earring, D&G jeans)

Wow...this weekend was a doozy. Finally the one weekend when Erin and I could actually have consecutive days of hanging with each other, we neglected to take pictures together. Ugh!

But nonetheless, doesn't mean I didn't take some snapshots of Miss Erin. Love the way she criss crossed the over sized tank. Can we say boob hole? Heh :)

Started the night out with sushi, then driving endlessly around the city of angels(literally) and then finally...homeward bound and much needed nursing of Erin's health to follow.

The rest of the weekend was pretty epic. Pool parties and AM parties up the yin yang.

Anyway, hope yours was splendiferous!

Will be posting much more soon...Need, need to play catch up with you folks.

Thanks for all the lovely comments and love from all of you out there in blogger land.

Til then, XO

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