Thursday, May 28, 2009

Funny Face

(Vtg heart shaped top, Stella McCartney denim skirt, Ferragamo belt, F21 ring)

So hard for me to not look soooo serious. I honestly wish my top lip was a little thinner. I like a teethy smile.

Like this : )))

Mine is the polar opposite. It's a lippy one. I know all the girls say, "Oh but women pay money to have lips like yours." But as the saying goes you always want what you don't have.

Anyway..having my hair back like that makes me want to hack away at all my hair!!
I would kick myself so hard. It's taken so long to grow, but I do love how short hair looks on women. I just don't have the hair/face structure for it. I know, I've tried.

Happy Thursday peoples, the weekend is almost ours.


  1. That shirt is lovely, my darling! I love the transparent neckline! Great colors, too.


  2. i get what you mean . sometimes i fell like i can do it . but no i cannot .

    love that top

  3. Cute top! Keep thinking about the haircut haha (I'm not brave enough)

  4. I refuse to believe you can't do short hair. REFUSE! You might need an atypical cut for it to look ideal, but I think you can do it.

  5. Ha thanks for the comments ladies. No side profile and all that ...i really look better off behind my curtain of hair. Ha! Trust!

    U gals are gr8 tho

  6. Love your top, looks great on you.
    Thanks for comment.

  7. What a gorgeous top,that skirt is great too!
    Muah x

  8. such a great outfit ! love your top !

  9. those pics are fun and the outfit is awesome

  10. This is such a nice simple look. And let's trade lips....hahah my smile can become too teethy so I have to watch myself...UGH!!