Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Modern Silver: Heidi

(All Images courtesy of Marbeth Schon and Shirley Byrne)

"Heidi uses sterling silver, gold, precious and semiprecious stones. She juxtaposes coral, pearls, agates and stones of every type and color to create unique and what may sometimes appear to be incongruous combinations that, in her hands, meld into designs that please and excite the viewer and, of course, the wearer.

Heidi is the daughter of German immigrants who came to the United States at the height of the mid 20th century explosion of modern design. Her parents appreciation for architecture and design of the period was passed on to her. While still in high school she developed a particular fondness for modern silversmiths of the 20th century. She began collecting works of N.E. From, Georg Jensen, Andreas Mikkelson, Esther Lewittes, Ed Levin and others. The collected works of these silversmiths continue to be the inspiration for Heidi's work today.

Heidi's modernist designs are reminiscent of both Scandinavian, German and mid-twentieth century American modernist jewelry. In the designs of her rings, one is reminded of the ingenious work of German jeweler Friedrich Becker."

To read the whole interview and view more of Heidi's design, go here!

(all information is provided by Marbeth Schon)

The first one is my absolute favorite!! Ugh!


  1. Love this kind of 20th century modernist design. Someone should re-create some of these rings and sell them at more affordable prices. All the vintage shops in London sell jewellery from that era at ridiculous and unrealistic £...

  2. oh so awesome to find another that is interested in mid-century jewelry! if you go on ebay and type modernist rings/earrings/etc you can find some at more affordable prices~


  3. oh my goodness....they are amazing!

  4. This is insanely original. Love the rings.

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    come on. xx