Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Night out

What I would love to wear if my wardrobe was accessible to all these splendiforous duds as it was through

Love that site. Kind of hate it. Love that you can build up a dream outfit and play with color schemes and textures. Hate it, because they are totally not within my reach/budget.

Anyway a girl can dream...Must play around with the closet and bring a reincarnation to my lonely clothes.

Will be posting soon of personal stuff like:

-Shoe collection
-Pieces from my closet
-Dig/lucky finds (second hand stores/eBay)

 I promise to show the goods, by the end of this week. I love looking at other people's personal things/style/closet/their inspiration. Thought I would share the love too...That's always the fun part right?

Stay tuned!

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