Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh My Gawd Shoes

(Shoe T-Bottom: Vtg Bally woven flats, Vtg Ferragamo Gothic Chic flats, Vtg Uber cute oxfords)

Oh my gosh shoes. These shoes rule..I think you have too many shoes, shut up!

Love that video!

Relive the classic: Kelly: Shoes

So...shameless plug-in. I have only posted a few things up on my ebay site. Will be adding more soon. I am debating if I should sell my comme des garcons for H&M harem pants. I never wear them, but they are soooooOOooo cool. I also hate that I stood in line for them at 4:30 AM in front of the H&M store in West Hollywood..but it was a cool experience...kind of surreal.

I felt like one of those sneaker heads that you see camping out in front of stores at the store. They line up as soon as the store closes up until they open next morning, waiting to get the newest and limited edition kicks. No joke!

Anyway...check them out if you are a 6.5-7.5. I priced them pretty decent. :)

Shop ME.

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