Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Selby

From one of my favorite blogs to check out. This one is an oldie, I'm sure you guys and gals have probably checked this out before, but if in the case you have not this is from

I personally get a kick by peering into people's houses when I walk past them in the night. I like to get an idea, romanticize or have a make-believe back ground story on their interesting lives. I'm a snoop like that. Ha!

So I was thrilled and delighted to discover this site from Bianca's friend Tucson John, who travels with Erin Wasson for each NY and Paris Fashion week to document all the crazy on-goings. These are just a couple postings, but you should check out the site yourself.

Photography taken by Todd Selby and is a photo documentation on some of the most interesting people-designers, models, artists, photographers, and everyone else in between in their homes/work spaces.

Best part about it is when they take you to their personal wardrobe, that's always fun.

People featured: Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson,
peaches, bunny and lily, and many many more.

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