Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some of my favorite things

The first ring I ever made myself. Took a great metal smith class last semester. If I had more time and more material to work with I would have made something different. It HAD a nice topaz stone (which is my birth stone), but I took it out because I messed up on the bezel. I will do this ring justice some day soon. It's also very heavy! It's like a finger weight. Ha!

(Thanks to Heidi Abrahamson and Betty Cooke for both their inspiration. I probably would not have had pursued it without first discovering their magnificent individual work.)

I wear this earring everyday. It's from my friend's line 1451, by my friend Ishi. Yes that little knife works. I love what he can do with his hands. You'll see more of his pieces as we go through this blog. I wear his pieces often. Again you can purchase his one-of-a kind jewelry here:

I love this little faux bow-tie. I never get to wear it enough. I also love that little locket. Looks so precious, and sooOOoo nostalgic. You gals/guys know how I feel about nostalgia. Not that I like to live in the past, but more so...the romanticism of it all.

Some of my accessories. I wish I had more. It will expand, very soon! I have my eye on a lot of upcoming things. Still need to get my hands on a Betty Cooke piece. Some pieces featured: Helmut Lang foil/silver cuff, second-hand cuff, faux spikey cuff, raw hide bow tie found in San Francisco Wasteland.

Another 1st piece for me. This was an aluminum overlay pin. It was my first project. A little rugged/rough don't you think? Can you see the tiny inscription of my initials? I had to saw the metal by hand. Kinda hard to do, especially if you don't know what you're doing. It was based off of a Kandinsky painting.

Another piece from Ishi. Earrings or a necklace for tonight? How about both! In the pictures, myself and my friend Veronica Chanel

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