Thursday, May 21, 2009


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...way  too early. Don't you love it when construction workers are hammering outside of your bedroom wall at 7:30 AM in the morning?!?

I am not bitter. 

Must blog.

Anyway, nothing like some fresh lingerie to start the morning. This is from the lingerie/fashion line: Bordelle. 

"Bordelle is the newest and coolest addition to the Selfridges Lingerie department. Created by London based designer Alex Popa, Bordelle is a niche and unusual concept in lingerie, which Alex describes as Bodywear. The Bordelle aesthetic offers high fashion, directional pieces that can be worn asunder or outerwear. Body conscious lines and a silhouette bandaged by a mix of ribbons, fabrics and trims are the line’s distinctive signature." -Mini Boss of

Love the lines and silhouettes. Tres chic! 

Will post personal outfits soon, been soo bussyy with school, almost over tho <3>

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