Monday, June 8, 2009

James Illis of Black Milk

( All images from

Just checked out these leggings from James Illis of Black Milk, and I must say I may need a pair or two. As I was browsing for images to post up, the last picture is on an article on Junior Drake bags, but featured a model wearing a pair of James Illis leggings. 

Junior Drake was my last real job, and I use to work in production over there. What a trip. Misty and Candice, if you are reading..HI and I miss you ladies!!!!

Anyway, the leggings are sick and start from $50.00-$120.00. You can buy it HERE.


  1. WOW>>>>>the color of thesea and those leggings

  2. Those leggings are awesome! xoxoxo

  3. oh wow, leggings really take on a whole new meaning with these.

  4. i just found your blog and im totally in love!!!!! soo much fun