Monday, June 15, 2009

The Standard Los Angeleno

Casino, Moi

Mo and Miss Erin

Hob Knobbin'

Sometimes mo is money.


Downtown LA on a Sunday Afternoon

What's a pool without champagne?

Finally a teethy smile.

All images are gorgeously taken by Casino Nelson, to view more of this epic day go to: and also check out his awesome blog

Spent the wonderful weekend with my girl E. Summer is officially on!!!

Spent Friday partying at Control til the wee hours of the morning. Saturday-spent the night at a Vice Magazine party-free Hornitos open bar and free tacos, you can't go wrong with that! Gotta love LA.

Finally, running on 4 hours of sleep, Erin and I went to the Rose Bowl flea market, where Erin scored some awesome red doc Martens. Then after headed to the Standard hotel rooftop party..where there was major partying to say the least..for a Sunday afternoon. Concluded by yelling at the television rooting for the Lakers finals in the comfort of the hotel room.

Good times!

Love and Sunshine,

Your girls from Los Angeles: Mo & E (Miss Erin)


  1. Ahhh, so much fun!!! =) Now all I need is for the weather to clear up.

  2. ohmigod that second pic .. you are stunning
    <3 docmartens

  3. Mo, you look stunning in these pics!!!