Thursday, July 23, 2009


Grecian vase wall decal

Ben Scharlin says that it's all about the O shape glasses, be gone Raybans!

I can never turn down black and white stripes.

Don't worry you fine blokes out there, I didn't forget about you. ;)

...Makes you ________?

Sorry I just had to throw in that cliche phrase in there, but in this case it really does make me wanna holler.

Urban Outfitters' $5 sale going on now both in stores and online. Worth checking out, some good deals, some where you know...uh...gee, no wonder it's $5 dollars, dude.

All items posted here are literally $5.

P E E P.

We're in a recession peoples. Buy early Christmas/birthday presents if you have to.

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  1. hmm interesting ... man i wish i had known that i oculd use a new pair of sunnies :(
    thanks for the comment love