Thursday, July 16, 2009

Round D O S

(Collection Sweater, Helmut Lang Tank, 1451 Necklace, VeraMeat Copper Ring, SfRD circle bracelet, Prada leather bracelet)

Mmmm....August...Must Hit UP!!

My favorite dish there the oven roasted Orata Sicilian Salmoiglio

Karen's gorgeous new Marni sandals

Me and my New York Cabby boyfriend

Karen and I

That gold ring-$8. Patricia Field

At one of the best parties in New York Turn Tables on the Hudson. No requests please!

Karen, Moi, and The lovely Rae Rae

Tad tipsy
(Alexander Wang pierced silk top, AA leggings, Comme Des Garcons leather satchel)

Nickodemus, Mariano, Scott K., and Wiseacre

Some pictures from my friend Kerry's camera. I just came back from the ATL, Philly, NY and DC...but failed to take any pictures from those other cities..whoops. 

NY was epic of course. I would have to say my first time with Erin was a bit more unforgettable..but nonetheless this time around was fun. Definitely drained the bank on this trip, but very happy with my purchases. :) A new purchase always feels oh so right.

Excuse some of those "tired" looking photos.



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