Monday, July 27, 2009

Say Grace

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You can check out more pics of her amazing wardrobe changes on
So I watched Grace Jones at the bowl yesterday night and wowzers does she still have it going on.
Of Montreal performed before her, and they also brought out Janella Monae as a surprise guest
for one of their songs. Wish I took pictures. Bad blogger, bad.

If you have time to watch this video of Grace Jones covering Edith Piaf's "Le Vie en Rose" you must see her epic 
costume! This was one of my favorites. Once you get to her doing a little spin, you'll come to see she's pretty much 
naked on the other side. Can you believe she's 61?? I better have my shit together still by that age.

This was my favorite song for the performance: My Jamaican Guy. She had this tassle/whip-like thing attached to the front of her skirt.
It looked super intimidating..I think I need to attach it to all my skirts. Slap off all the unwanted jerks that try to dance with me...ha.

To say the least it was epic. These videos don't do it justice, but they will do.

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  1. she is incredible. i love all of her wild stage outfits.