Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wining and dining

Three Words: Humboldt Fog Cheese. YUMM-o

Too precious for words.

Floats my boat.

Judy and I needed some time out from working on some things for BBLA, so we headed over to City Sip-the local favorite wine bar. Love that place.

My friend that was with us spotted the couple from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Judy and I had no idea who they were, seeing as sometimes we live under a rock from Television.

We are though, very madly in love with How to Make It in America. Have you guys watched that splendiferous show yet?? God damn, that's what I'm talking about. So good!'s that time again. Happy Thursday everyone! I love Thursdays.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Day in the Life of

(Marlowe Dress, SfRD leather necklace, Opening Ceremony sandals)

Hey hey there cute stuff!

So many treasures.

Some might agree.

(I want one.)

(Gotta love some spamusubi!)

(Us being uber Asian)


(Japanese hair dye models are the best.)

(Back shaver anyone?)

Mmm....bean cake.

Had a very lovely weekend. Hung out with my friend Christine, who was so kind enough to bring me with her to the Torrance flea market. It was freaking hot. Note to self: Don't wear long, black cashmere dresses on 80 degree weather days in LA. Geezuz chrriisssee it was hot as balls.

Gosh now that I look at the photos, I kind of resemble the grim reaper. Fail Mo. It was cooler in the morning, I swear!

Found tons and tons of goodies for myself, and a few really awesome vintage pieces to add to the store. So excited to shoot them and put them up! Sooo Good! Such great great prices! Didn't really have to do the whole haggling thing which was rad. Those Marushka dolls, I freaking love.
Two for $5?!? Yes!

After we grabbed something to eat at Shin Sen Gumi. Really cool ramen spot where you can order your noodles "hard, normal, or soft" and you can add yummy things like cod roe, chashu and pickled japanese vegetables.

Also, a few my auctions are closing soon. Be sure to stop by :)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Added

In case you lovely people wear a size 7.5-8, I am selling another pair of the brown Givenchys for my friend Karen. If any of you lucky people know Karen, you know what an amazing closet she has. I will also be listing some Helmut Lang stuff, an amazing denim Chloe jumpsuit (which is fucking ridiculous btw), Diane Von Furstenberg, and more.

The brown Givenchys are starting low at $150.00. Holy cow balls, that is bargain basement statz.

The black Givenchys, look at that freaking detail. Such Height. So come on shortys it's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday...(because you're going to be rocking out on these tall ass heels) Holler.

Shop BBLA.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Food Porn

(Image from yarboroughjewelry)

So, my inner fat kid just died a little. I am probably most into food and jewelry, and this has to be the ultimate collaboration of great things ever made for me. I am dying right now, I must have.

The Cat's In the Bag

Why is that kit kat reincarnated into a lovely purse? Nope. Is it called the kit kat bag? No, but it is the cat's meow. Adorable, but not as adorable as our little kitkat! I love you kit kat, you crazy frisky feline you!

Get it here: CAT

Word Play

(Image generously supplied by

My dear friend Kelly, just recently launched her site with all her wonderful ink drawings. I've always admired her art ever since those times we'd hang after work (during our golden American Apparel days) and discovered her magicalness touched around her house.

Years later, P A A P A B E A R is launched.

She started this project on word play. Asked me to pick a word, and she would draw/sketch around that. I chose the word D E C A D E N T. I'm very much into food, opulence, and the like..i mean I don't lead my life by being opulent or decandent by any means, I think they are just very good words. Sounds good when you say them, and represents a sort of nostalgic life style...well at least to me-at the moment. Don't ask why.

That last picture, don't even ask me how old it is. But it's one of my favorites. Kelly Bear you are stellar!

Heart u.

Be sure to check her out! Lots of her drawings are for sale too! woot woot.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gris Lightening!

just added, come check out the new addition to the store. I remember the moment I laid eyes on this classic dress I thought, "wow! all the shoes and colors I can wear with this gray dress!" It's so hard letting this go, but doesn't it feel good to give back? So very jealous of the lucky gal who gets to strut in this dress. word.


Moore Wednesdays

Stepped out for a drink to catch up with my good buddy ol' pal chevonne at the local echo park bar Short Stop. She's the neatest, most adorable person you could probably ever meet. Well at least that's what the girl in the bathroom line whispered to me when Chevonne was singing, "My neck, my back.." when she was in the loo..I'm sure chevonne thought she and I were the only ones in the bathroom as she was rapping/and or singing...

Love all my wonderful friends (this including all of you who read this blog)....which I have to say, bbla's year anniversary is coming up. WOW, how time flies, and all documented here too. Rad!

Happy thursday everyone!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Slowly but Surely

(Top: Development/Bottom: Stella McCartney)

Slowly adding, slowly but surely. But check out some nice duds. Super reasonable.

Check out the buttons and bows on the top woo hoo!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh club master

(Image from

Must find in time for coachella!!! W O W.

Ooppss...just found em. HERE


(All images taken by me)

Well this was a long time coming. Finally have an actual store front, but I am giving the disclaimer that it is in its very raw state. I am not a freaking graphic design artist, and I know there's a bunch of templates and what not...but holy cow balls this took me forever. Will definitely be working on a new banner, logos, etc. It'll be more legit, I promise. Just kinda hard when you are:

1. Not a graphic designer/computer savvy
2. Is kind of a computer retard
3. Does not have all the time in the world
4. In school and are taking things that suck like statistics, and accounting classes (barf)

Anyway, putting up these beautiful bad gals up. Did me well, for those few times I got to wear them. I wish I could just keep these and put them in a glass case somewhere, but it's time to return the favor to the fashion in turn I can get something new. I am aching for a good pair of platforms!

Only have one auction up so far, but be sure to stop by! Have a bunch of stuff in collection, just need to do the nitty gritty of it all, but tons of treasures are going to be coming your way. From our endless hunts, our personal closets, to yours....


o pu l e n ce

(All images generously supplied by

..Always have to check on my friend's inspiration site...for some...well inspiration! I'm in dreamy la la I am taking brain breaks in between from trying to build the buttonsandbowsla store.

Lots of love and light. It is too gorgeous outside on this beautiful LA day...

Friday, March 19, 2010

MIU MIU 2010 Spring

It's the little details, oh such a sucker for them.

Holy cow Spring time balls...all these cut out detailing and oxford collars just strum the strings of my heart. <3 <3

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Test a 1, 2, a 1,2

Testing out the new camera that my generous brother has allowed me to use. Nothing like a $1k camera to get you started. You can take pictures on just about anything...and it can instantly be an object..of least to me.

Gosh, school is kicking my butt. Just want to be done with it. Do what I want to do, concentrate more on what I love (blogging, fashion world, etc.) Overwhelming at times with how much can be on someone's plate. I don't know how some people do it. I applaud it and admire so many people and blogs out there that really stay super updated, because in the end, we're all busy with life right?

Anyway, a few pics to keep you updated with my life, somewhat. Isn't that exciting, but I just can't get enough of kit kat!