Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Day in the Life of

(Marlowe Dress, SfRD leather necklace, Opening Ceremony sandals)

Hey hey there cute stuff!

So many treasures.

Some might agree.

(I want one.)

(Gotta love some spamusubi!)

(Us being uber Asian)


(Japanese hair dye models are the best.)

(Back shaver anyone?)

Mmm....bean cake.

Had a very lovely weekend. Hung out with my friend Christine, who was so kind enough to bring me with her to the Torrance flea market. It was freaking hot. Note to self: Don't wear long, black cashmere dresses on 80 degree weather days in LA. Geezuz chrriisssee it was hot as balls.

Gosh now that I look at the photos, I kind of resemble the grim reaper. Fail Mo. It was cooler in the morning, I swear!

Found tons and tons of goodies for myself, and a few really awesome vintage pieces to add to the store. So excited to shoot them and put them up! Sooo Good! Such great great prices! Didn't really have to do the whole haggling thing which was rad. Those Marushka dolls, I freaking love.
Two for $5?!? Yes!

After we grabbed something to eat at Shin Sen Gumi. Really cool ramen spot where you can order your noodles "hard, normal, or soft" and you can add yummy things like cod roe, chashu and pickled japanese vegetables.

Also, a few my auctions are closing soon. Be sure to stop by :)



  1. ok. um i love this blog.

    and even more so, i really like flea markets- really hitting it home here arentcha


  2. wow that box of treasures is to die for i can see so many things i would rock!!! well i would of brought the hole lBOX :)

  3. Great pictures!!!! I'm loving the printed sandals too!




  4. The food looks DEE-LISH-US!! As for the sunglasses... who are they by? I love 'em!

  5. Lovely pictures! Those patterned sandals are just gorgeous!


  6. Love the dress in the first pic:)

  7. aww shucks thanks guys and gals for your lovely comments. That dress has pockets! Yum.