Friday, March 26, 2010

Word Play

(Image generously supplied by

My dear friend Kelly, just recently launched her site with all her wonderful ink drawings. I've always admired her art ever since those times we'd hang after work (during our golden American Apparel days) and discovered her magicalness touched around her house.

Years later, P A A P A B E A R is launched.

She started this project on word play. Asked me to pick a word, and she would draw/sketch around that. I chose the word D E C A D E N T. I'm very much into food, opulence, and the like..i mean I don't lead my life by being opulent or decandent by any means, I think they are just very good words. Sounds good when you say them, and represents a sort of nostalgic life style...well at least to me-at the moment. Don't ask why.

That last picture, don't even ask me how old it is. But it's one of my favorites. Kelly Bear you are stellar!

Heart u.

Be sure to check her out! Lots of her drawings are for sale too! woot woot.

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