Thursday, April 8, 2010

Over Looked

(Pictures taken by Lovely Judy)

So much editing, so little time.

I want so badly to put the pictures up of Judy and I. Still going through every single one of them and have to choose carefully of what to put up. Had a really fun day of shooting. Went to the boon docks of Glendale...but holy cow, so much pretty area where the backdrop is totally like town and country. Definitely a hidden gem.

Ever get those days where you are kinda just sick of looking at yourself over and over and over. I am having one of those days. It's cool though, because with each and every time I am learning new things. With that, that's pretty cool. Always great to learn new things.

Again, just a preview of what will be up. But should be live by the end of tonight...after I take my accounting final...Meep...I hate that class, and so glad to get it over with. Required courses, you can bite me.

Now I'm rambling. Anyway if you are interested in any of these lovely items, please check back at my store!

Come and know on our door, I've been waiting for you....miss and love that show Threes Company. Such a good one!


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