Thursday, April 22, 2010

Palm Of Springs

(Whitley Kros Moo Moo, Vtg Hat)

Did a lot of laying around in this. Heaven.

Kerry getting a little sun.

Karen is my Jamaican counterpart.

That view.

Vintage Swimsuit


Hangin' around

I know I live in California, but I seriously can't get enough of this.

Our house was a mod dream.

Hustling at 11:30 PM the first night to catch The Whitest Boy Alive and JayZ.

Beach House!

How awesome was it that they were there to watch Beach House too!

Pirate Wrestler


This festival is seriously another planet.


Hot Chip!


ART Light Installation.

My favorite picture I took. The perfect accidental moment.

Yo La Tengo

Fashion food hybrid.

The two tallest and most fashionable men in all of coachella. Bartolo and Browne.

The Do LAB

Wow, this weekend was a doozy. Coachella is such an unreal experience. Seriously.

It's so unreal, people often reference the post experience as the Coachella blues. I am definitely going through it.

Coachella is such a fantastical place. It really transports you into a false reality. I have been to a few music festivals and the production of this particular festival is unparalleled. The music this year was ridiculous! Definitely one of the more important ones to me musically speaking.

Thom Yorke, XX, Phoenix, the Gossip, Beach House, Gorillaz....we're all so great to watch.

Anyway enjoy the pictures! It took a while to upload, but I hope you can get a sense of how unreal this past weekend was for me. Back to life, back to reality :(

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