Tuesday, April 20, 2010


(image via stylecaster.com)

Wow, what a crazy Coachella! Always is.

Got snapped up by a few fellow fashion bloggers this weekend, one of them being Style Caster.

(Although they named me Lucy in the feature. : /)

No, I cannot pass for a Lucy, but it was nice that they posted this up anyway.

One great thing about Coachella is seeing what trends are being followed the most, such as florals, floppy hats, boho gear, and footwear.

Check out the rest of what was the what of style at Coachella this year: Style Caster

Stay tuned, will post Coachella pics shortly!


  1. i love seeing all the coachella style - great pictures!

  2. Unique!
    Like a little cute sailor :)