Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sundae Fundae

More treasures: Pasadena flea market

"Hey you wanna take a picture of me?"

I did, so we took one together, thanks Taylor!

Meet George Olszewski. He has the goods. He is at the Pasadena Flea Market every last Sunday of the month. He has great stuff and acid stains from testing out gold on his hands.

Had to stop by my favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Pho 79, been going since 0!

My favorite.

My mom's favorite: Vietnamese steamed crepes.

Homeward bound. Never get tired of seeing this view of downtown.

Some of my new found treasures.

Meet Bob.

Professor Pants.

My friends Brian and Christine invited me to nommy nom noms.

Scarfing it down like it's going out of style.

Lucky cat.

Cat Porn.

Kit Kat of course. Show stealer.

Testing a 1,2, a 1,2.

Preview shot from today's shoot and a delightful skirt I will be posting up on the store soon.

Had a very fun filled day...of work!

Went last Sunday to the Pasadena flea market. WOW. Probably my new favorite market. Kinda over the Rose Bowl right now. I mean I love it and I hate it. Super fucking expensive and a ridiculous entrance fee on top of that. But always fun to see the beautiful people in their outfits and of course there's some awesome finds. Just so overpriced now.

Just got back from shooting with Judy. Some nice shots, some not so nice.

Stay posted peoples. I got some very lovely pieces for the store. Most that I am tempted to keep all for my greedy self. JK. No I am not.

Meanwhile...visit and say hi!


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  1. i looove flea markets!

    great new found treasures too!