Friday, May 21, 2010

LIVE AUCTIONS: Gimmee some Mo'

Lovely Vintage one of a kind Dress: starting $24.95

Floral Grunge Dress $24.99

Hippy Boho Dress: Starting $19.99

Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Tunic starting $49.99


Wow-eeee. All items are L I V E. Thank the mother of BOB. Here are some additional items up for sale, in addition to the ones below. All are to fit within one taste bud or another. Nice eclectic mix of stuff that I find effortless and classic. If one was to ask me, the importance of style, I would definitely have to go within the guide lines of classic and timeless. Also of course, when you can pull the look effortlessly. But that's just me.

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you enjoy this weekend wherever you are in the world wide web.


You can also access the store on the left of this page where the little gnome type things are on the button. Just follow them, they usually know what's up. :)


  1. that pink one is beyond amazing

  2. love the first vintage dress and of course the DVF...