Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Santa Barbara prawns, avocado, cocktail sauce

Brie Chantilly, honey comb, frisee salad, balsamic

Seabream Ceviche, heirloom tomato, jalapenos, meyer lemon paste, cilantro flowers

Wild striped bass, fresh sansho pepper, fresh peas, lettuce, spring onions, yuzu

soft shell crab cornet, mango, red spicy mayo, and corona granite

The woman that made this all happen VIC

It's all about the bite.

Croque-Monsieur: Squid ink toast with foie gras with lemon turnip chutney

Spooning leads to forking.

LUDO testing and tasting. Swooonnnn

scallops, spinach, yogurt curry foam, spring garlic, violet flowers

Bavette, escargots, red butter, shallot jam, roasted eggplant puree, carrot slaw

dark chocolate souffle

deconstructed macaron with strawberries and chantilly with poprocks!!

Us being the food groupies that we are.

Had a fabulous meal with my friend Vic and her boyfriend.

LudoBites is a guerilla style pop-up restaurant event created by Chef Ludo Lefebvre. Think of it as a restaurant within a restaurant limited only by Ludo’s imagination. It has been referred to as “Mad Genius” and celebrated for its “Kitchen Miracles.” Jonathan Gold of LA Weekly was so impressed with LudoBites that one week after it concluded it summer 2009 stand at Breadbar, he included it as one of his 99 Most Essential Restaurants in LA, saying “you can’t find it in Directory Assistance, and you can’t have dinner there tomorrow night. It has no address. So in a sense, Ludo Bites, the restaurant of Ludovic Lefebvre, doesn’t really exist.”

Although Ludo’s restaurant has no permanent address, “wonders flow from his borrowed stoves.” “The restaurant is a figment of Ludo’s imagination. And if you’re lucky, of yours, too.” Ludo's chilled liquified chorizo soup from LudoBites 2.0 was named to Mr. Gold's "Top 10 Dishes of 2009."

Needless to say everything was so yummmmyyyy.

All photos were taken by VIC. Please check out her blog. I thought I was a major foodie, but she blows me out of the water. Food porn all the way to step by step macaron recipes. Yum!

Disclaimer: Don't go to her blog on an empty stomach, unless you're sadistic and you like that kind of torturous treatment.


  1. <3<3<3xoxo momo. Nice post. It was a fun night!

  2. Hey Vic,

    wonderful blog you have here. I enjoy watching people who share the same deep passion for the good things in life... and who are able to enjoy themselves. One question concerning your pictures: I believe you took them "casually" or did you arrange them with spots and all the other things necessary? If they weren't arranged, would you be so kind and tell me what kind of camera you use. The pics look wonderfully warm and naturally - just great!

    With intense appreciation,
    Jan, Berlin (momentarily Tel Aviv)

  3. I'm sorry.... I got confused with the names: so if I'm not mistaken, it's Mo who's writing this blog, isn't she? Then my last comment was designated to her.