Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A N G E L' S K N O L L

Photos by: Jerrick A.

(Vintage thrifted Dress, Vintage skirt, AA belt, Surface to Air wedges, 1451 spoon necklace)

First off, the dress in these photos...I couldn't decide whether to keep it or post it to the store. My intention was to sell it, but it is just so flowy and feminine, I may keep it for just a bit. What do you think? It's kind of so perfect for spring..well now summer..

Took a visit to Angel Knoll (the park where 500 days of summer was shot), I've never been there before and it was so breath taking. I can't believe I've never been there before. Actually I'm sure most Angelenos have never been before. There was also this trolly called Angel's flight railway that transports you up and down the knoll for 25 cents. The sad part is, is that it literally is a 20 second ride down. True fact not fiction, it is literally the smallest train track in the world.

"Angels Flight (or Angel's Flight) is a landmark funicular railway in the Bunker Hill district of Downtown Los Angeles, California.

The funicular has operated on two slightly different sites, using the same cars. The first Angels Flight operated from 1901 until it was closed in 1969 when its site was redeveloped. The second version opened nearby in 1996, and closed again in 2001 after a fatal accident. This second version began operating again on Monday, March 15, 2010 after being out of service for nine years.The cost of a one-way ride is currently 25 cents."

Well these photos were taken by my lovely brother. He is so young and I know he's going to be destined for great things. Please enjoy the photos and let him know what you think. :)


  1. Awesome. Amazing. Beautiful. And educational. You and your bro just made the team. Congrats.

  2. cool post!!!!!!!!!

    amazing styling,concept,outfit!!!!!!!!!!!

    great blog!

    come visit me...if u fancy!!!!



  3. ummm pretty sure you're stunning :)
    love the last shot
    and I may have to steal all your rings
    thanks for the sweet comment!
    stop back soon :) xx

  4. wow u look amazing great pictures

  5. I love the naturalness of these photos...great shooting

  6. You look so beautiful and the dress is so dreamy, perfect for summer, I say you keep it because you can wear it hundred times more.

    And again, there's that Soixante ring again :)
    Do you know where I can buy that particular shiny style cause everywhere I look there's only matte version.

  7. Omg your rings and outfit, so stunning:)

  8. WOw amazing! You should keep the dress, looks great on you. And very nice blog!

  9. Aww shucks so lovely to wake up to these very kind words! Thanks so much everyone. I will keep it for a bit then share with the universe later on. :)

    Vanja the ring I will look up for you. My friend bought this for me in a boutique somewhere in LA. But i'll let you know once i find out.

    Thanks everyone, you make blogging worth while for me <3

  10. EVERYTHING about these photos is gorgeous. Your dress, accessories, and the lighting. So beautiful.

    I love this outfit.


  11. Aw, thanks so much, I appreciate your help and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  12. You never cease to Amaze me Mo...my kindred foodie spirit...so beautiful! I love the combo..dress, jewlz, and baby train! bravo!!!

  13. you look beautiful in these photos, i especially love the rings and your dress!!!


  14. Let me just tell you I think you are amazingly gorgeous!

    The dress is lovely I think you should keep it.. It's hard to come across pieces like this