Thursday, May 13, 2010

OC F/W 2010 Look Book

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Loving Opening Ceremony's F/W 2010 look book. The inventive way of layers upon layers, and the nice bold colors that brighten up the usual go-to mundane colors of the dark are all flippin' splendiferous.

Funny thing, at my PCC flea market raid, I found myself buying all these sheer and feminine pieces, slips, cover ups, etc...some that look absolutely hideous on its own, but if you do just the right pairings and accessorize it just right, it transforms it to be one of the most significant pieces of an outfit. For instance all the pieces that the female model is wearing in the look book, is so eye catching and fun to look at by adding the sheer layer.

Initially for the Angel's Knoll shoot, I styled myself in a completely different outfit, similar to the concepts above. My brother thought I looked f-ing crazy, so we didn't do it. But I'm still going to do it, it's just going to take place in a dark amazing studio at my friend's loft in downtown. Can't wait to shoot that next week.

I am definitely going to play with the underwear idea as outerwear and stray away from my usual uniform attire of shorts, shirt, and boots. So friends, if you see me out and about in lingerie, channeling my inner Madonna, don't hate.

I am actually going to start shooting the next batch of things for the store next week, lots of pretty and feminine dresses (vintage and high end) will be coming your way soon.

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