Monday, June 28, 2010


birthday girl Kerry with Karen

Started off with the amuse bouche: Celery root slaw with smoked salmon

Squid ink garganelle with dungeness crab, english peas in lobster butter.

Warm cuttle fish salad with maitake mushrooms and sunchoke puree

Croque Madame

Loup De Mer


Free stuff!

Dying a little bit from over eating.

(Grey Ant chain top, AA mesh genie pants, UO swimsuit bottom, silk Georgio Armani cardigan, Marni belt, Alaia wedges)

I know, I know....what is this a fashion blog? or is this a food blog? I don't understand. Well it's just an everything blog. Not really...but those two are the things I love the most. So consider it a fashion/food hybrid of some sort. It's very California. Goes with the whole fusion thing that everyone seems to be doing.

We went to Hatfield's restaurant last week, and it was just yums! The food was very simple and clean...with a very focused menu, which I liked. I feel like a lot of restaurants and menus tend to be all over the place in order to please a broader range, which makes sense. But Hatfield's sticks to what it stands for, and I appreciate that.

Got booked for a last minute styling gig for MUSE magazine yesterday. Worked with a very talented and well-known stylist and photographer. It was pretty rad and surreal. Don't know if I am allowed to say who at this point, but when the issue comes out, you know who's going to be posting! She's pretty up there.

Well...I am planning on shooting the next batch of auctions this week. I don't know if I am ready for it quite yet, but I am starting an internship pretty soon and I want to get all this awesome merch on to the world wide web. Also because it is taking way too much room, in my humble little abode. Anyway, wish me luck with all my future endeavors! I only hope to become much better and learn, learn, learn!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

white stripes.

(image generously supplied by hrstudioplus)


That's not me. Let's get that out of the way first.

But I love everything about this photo. Composition and the stripes, and the long black hair laying on her's the simple things that make me swoon.

Been really busy with the closing auctions, I haven't been able to post on the exciting things that have been happening. Maybe not to you, but to me they are. Ha.

I do have some good photo updates though. Will post them tomorrow. I've been getting really good feed back and possible bigger opportunities due to this blog and this store. I am really so stoked on everything happening to me for once. For a while I felt like everything was just passing me by.

Seriously...I was watching an episode of How To Make It In America and there was an episode of the two main characters having a conversation, about how most people just talk, have big dreams, really good ideas, and most of them just remain in the same place, because no one has the balls to act upon it. Cheesy as it sounds, I thought about that whole conversation...and I really took it to heart. Meaning, I finally decided to try to make something more beyond than just this blog...and selling of things from time to time.

I always sold on ebay, but it was always something here and there. Nothing serious. I truly enjoy doing this. Being able to do all the jobs I would've loved to do, but never was afforded the opportunity to do so. For once I am able to do my own "styling," photograph, write, "buy," and choose what BBLA was going to sell.

I apologize for this cheesy post in advance, but it seriously feels so wonderful to have something of my own, and being fully responsible for everything. Everything that I feel is good, honest, and me. Thank you to all you reading this, and that continue to generously supply your precious time following this blog. You are all definitely a big part as to why I really want to keep on keeping on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for once I feel like I'm on the right path, and much more than own.

Do you want a tissue with that? wah wah. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The W


Oh yea, Alaia, I just can't get enough.

Open bar = lots of these


(AA riding pant, Thrifted Oxford shirt, Alaia wedges)

Attended the Orthodox/American rag party at the W this past weekend with a couple of my lady friends. I haven't been out in a while...primarily due to school, work, and a little bit of boredom...but nonetheless I was entertained this time around with people watching.

This event was held at the W in Hollywood, which I haven't checked out yet. I usually try to stay away from things located in Hollywood as much as possible, because well...It's just not for me. I like to actually dance, have fun, and hang around in a little bit more grit, rather than smoke, drink aimlessly out of sheer boredom, pretend like I'm having fun, etc. No offense to anyone I hope. :)

That's just me.

I just bought the Canon SD 780, and can I just say I am starting to not like it. I am kind of hating on my SD780 actually. The settings and how the pictures come out at night is killing me Larry. Anyone have any pointers on how to optimize the use out of this bad boy? I would appreciate any help.

Side note, those American Apparel riding pants. Hi.

It's like a vacuum for sucking your whole entire being in. They're like spank leggings. I usually don't wear pants, because I am so petite, and I feel like it doesn't help my figure in general. But these, I feel like I'm 5 foot 9.' It's great and I highly recommend adding it as a staple to your wardrobe.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Citizen Couture

(Image generously supplied by

Came across this lovely street fashion blog from a reader by the name of Jason. He runs citizen couture which is reminiscent or is inspired by the work of The Sartorialist that aims to capture
"the diversity of inspirational looks, but to also build a connection between the individual and the readers of this blog."

Love this post on Vogue Blogger Jasmin Sewell. The look definitely brings me back to the opening ceremony F/W look book, which I just love. Again the use of the sheer layer, peaking underneath all the other layers, is starting to be one of my favorite elements to putting together an outfit these days.

All the style elements in this photo are jaw dropping and I definitely aim to incorporate it and use it as a source of inspiration when doing my buying for the store. So look out world and take note. :)

You can view Jasmin Sewell's blog HERE.

Friday, June 18, 2010

under the watchful eye

Dress by Trosman

....and we become silhouettes when our bodies finally go.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This one woman show will be continually putting listings up all day, so if you don't see the full collection, don't worry everything will be up by tonight or tomorrow. If you haven't seen the full collection, YOU HAVE TO. You can view the complete selection on the fan page. Lot of goodies there! If you're not a fan on facebook, click on the banner on the left and become a fan. You will always be in the know and be on top of auction and blog updates. Feel free to suggest BBLA to friends. :)

Get your shop on.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cliff note story

Flea market love.

Soup is my favorite thing, EVER.

DOUBLE T R O U B L E birthday.

Karen being good at what she does. BEING FABULOUS.

Cooked it up a bit too with friends.

I hate these kind of shots, but I wanted to tell you I'm keeping that sheer vtg layer.

Venice Beach days
It ain't called muscle beach for nothing.

Snail Rock.

Finally a little time to show you what's been happening with life in the past two weeks. I swear to Bob, I'm starting to believe it when people often refer to LA, as a place of a never-ending vacation. Born and raised here, but it hasn't been until recently (the past four years) that I started to realize that I do live in a place of paradise. Not to say we don't work our asses off here, it's just that we have the option to have a nice little vacay with the beach right there in our back yards here and there...and....

...musically..I have to say...LA is spoiled rotten right now.

My friend Chevonne just recently went to New York, and was hanging at the Ace hotel bar...and I guess their service was slow as balls...and Chevonne was super chill about everything. The server/bartender...said.."you're from LA aren't you?" She looked at him and asked, "How can you tell?"

He says:
1) you're tan. Not many New Yorkers around this time are tan.
2) you're super laid back and chill about everything.

And in a way, that can sum up a little about LA in a nut shell. Tan and chill. :) I want to say, it's a nice healthy balance of hard work and truly living...always time to step away from the hustle.

That's what life is about. To work hard and to also make time to spend it with the ones you love, and take what life has to offer you.

So take it, it's yours.

My two lovely friends Erin and Brooke had their joint birthday. Those life size pinatas are f-ing great. Love those two.

Side note...I wore that vintage sheer thinga majigger that I posted this weekend...and I have gotten way too many compliments on that thing. I decided to keep the darn thing, but I will definitely give it back to to fashion universe as soon as I feel it has done its purpose for me. That sheer layer really brings a lot of dimension to any outfit.

reward if found

(Image courtesy of

Guess...just guess who is picking these beautiful pieces of work today.

Went to my favorite consignment store the other day, and I found these knock out gorgeous Alaia's in the window. I am never lucky in finding my shoe size at shops like these, but wow did I hit the jack pot that day.

Pay day, what pay day. Pay check, what pay check. Eat? Who needs to eat when you got these to stare at.

Are you freaking kidding me, I do.

But I'm still going to own these bad girls. Just you wait....

...and the best part is, I'm getting them for a fraction of what I'm sure they retailed for. You know me, I like a good bargain.

Posting auctions tonight. At least some, I freaking promise. Will have most up by tomorrow night. Last night my internet was out, and I am still adding a couple more shoes, and a piece from Opening Ceremony that I still have to shoot. I thank you for your patience in advance.

To everyone who has been helping in spreading the word for these auctions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. What is now so humble, I hope to be a part of the bigger picture later.

I love you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

fancy this


Simply Chic silk Geren Ford

Marc Jacobs paisley skirt

Paul & Joe Grunge dress

Cynthia Vincent jump suit.

Margiela cut-out shoulder top and UO skirt (both for sale)

Adorable VTG polk o' dot top

The perfect pair of black flats.

Finished shooting yesterday...and wow, someone is going to be busy for the next few days. HOLY hot pancakes I need an intern right about NOW.

Here is a preview of what's to come by next week. UGHHHHH-freaking-mazing. Please check back and watch these items, as I have frequently been getting messages from buyers kicking themselves for not bidding on these things. All are going to be affordable and yours. Most worn a few times or never at all.

My microeconomics final is tomorrow, and can I just say it makes me want to run into a wall. Who likes this stuff?? Wish me luck please? Besos!