Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cliff note story

Flea market love.

Soup is my favorite thing, EVER.

DOUBLE T R O U B L E birthday.

Karen being good at what she does. BEING FABULOUS.

Cooked it up a bit too with friends.

I hate these kind of shots, but I wanted to tell you I'm keeping that sheer vtg layer.

Venice Beach days
It ain't called muscle beach for nothing.

Snail Rock.

Finally a little time to show you what's been happening with life in the past two weeks. I swear to Bob, I'm starting to believe it when people often refer to LA, as a place of a never-ending vacation. Born and raised here, but it hasn't been until recently (the past four years) that I started to realize that I do live in a place of paradise. Not to say we don't work our asses off here, it's just that we have the option to have a nice little vacay with the beach right there in our back yards here and there...and....

...musically..I have to say...LA is spoiled rotten right now.

My friend Chevonne just recently went to New York, and was hanging at the Ace hotel bar...and I guess their service was slow as balls...and Chevonne was super chill about everything. The server/bartender...said.."you're from LA aren't you?" She looked at him and asked, "How can you tell?"

He says:
1) you're tan. Not many New Yorkers around this time are tan.
2) you're super laid back and chill about everything.

And in a way, that can sum up a little about LA in a nut shell. Tan and chill. :) I want to say, it's a nice healthy balance of hard work and truly living...always time to step away from the hustle.

That's what life is about. To work hard and to also make time to spend it with the ones you love, and take what life has to offer you.

So take it, it's yours.

My two lovely friends Erin and Brooke had their joint birthday. Those life size pinatas are f-ing great. Love those two.

Side note...I wore that vintage sheer thinga majigger that I posted this weekend...and I have gotten way too many compliments on that thing. I decided to keep the darn thing, but I will definitely give it back to to fashion universe as soon as I feel it has done its purpose for me. That sheer layer really brings a lot of dimension to any outfit.


  1. Heeeey there miss MO!

    Gosh I am always in love with your LA reflections! It makes me appreciate re city so much more. I have to agree with you, working hard is best rewarded with platying with lovers. :)

    Omg, is that boat noodles??

    Is your auction up yet? I'm going to check it out when I'm home.

    Happy summer! It's hereeee.

  2. I love the colours of the venice beach picture! ♥

  3. Wasn't it super gloomy on Sunday! What a trip, I wish we saw each other that day!! Btw I'm glad you are keepin' the sheer dress. I think it would tragic on anyone else... xoxo

  4. seriously, you DO live in a paradise and YES, i don't have a tan around this time hahaa and yes i'm a new yorker lol
    love all the great pictures!

    **come enter for my Summer Love giveaway!**

  5. love vintage find treasures, and soup!! lol
    great blog, Im def gonna follow :) hope to see u too!