Monday, June 28, 2010


birthday girl Kerry with Karen

Started off with the amuse bouche: Celery root slaw with smoked salmon

Squid ink garganelle with dungeness crab, english peas in lobster butter.

Warm cuttle fish salad with maitake mushrooms and sunchoke puree

Croque Madame

Loup De Mer


Free stuff!

Dying a little bit from over eating.

(Grey Ant chain top, AA mesh genie pants, UO swimsuit bottom, silk Georgio Armani cardigan, Marni belt, Alaia wedges)

I know, I know....what is this a fashion blog? or is this a food blog? I don't understand. Well it's just an everything blog. Not really...but those two are the things I love the most. So consider it a fashion/food hybrid of some sort. It's very California. Goes with the whole fusion thing that everyone seems to be doing.

We went to Hatfield's restaurant last week, and it was just yums! The food was very simple and clean...with a very focused menu, which I liked. I feel like a lot of restaurants and menus tend to be all over the place in order to please a broader range, which makes sense. But Hatfield's sticks to what it stands for, and I appreciate that.

Got booked for a last minute styling gig for MUSE magazine yesterday. Worked with a very talented and well-known stylist and photographer. It was pretty rad and surreal. Don't know if I am allowed to say who at this point, but when the issue comes out, you know who's going to be posting! She's pretty up there.

Well...I am planning on shooting the next batch of auctions this week. I don't know if I am ready for it quite yet, but I am starting an internship pretty soon and I want to get all this awesome merch on to the world wide web. Also because it is taking way too much room, in my humble little abode. Anyway, wish me luck with all my future endeavors! I only hope to become much better and learn, learn, learn!




  2. Ah how much of a dummy am I!? I can't find those genie pants :(


  3. OH Gosh. Food PORN! Are you kidding me? Food>Fashion...! Well sometimes hehe.

    YOUR OUTFIT IS OMGSUPERWOWW. I really love the chained top. You pull if off so tastefully and beautiful.

    I'm glad you had such an awesome weekend!

    And yes, good luck with all your future endeavors! I hope you will continue to blog about your adventures.

    Are you a full time... model, stylist..?

  4. Wow... You look so stunning...
    Hey! The food look so YUMMY... DELICIOUS meals!!!

    Thanks for your comment.. :)

  5. This cuisine looks brillant
    And you look lovely
    Vanilah xx

  6. Oh yum, yum! and I looooove these sheer trousers! xoxo

  7. everything looks so good. i'd love to try the croque madame

  8. all the food looks so yummy!

    and i love your outfit. those AA mesh pants are so awesome.