Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This one woman show will be continually putting listings up all day, so if you don't see the full collection, don't worry everything will be up by tonight or tomorrow. If you haven't seen the full collection, YOU HAVE TO. You can view the complete selection on the fan page. Lot of goodies there! If you're not a fan on facebook, click on the banner on the left and become a fan. You will always be in the know and be on top of auction and blog updates. Feel free to suggest BBLA to friends. :)

Get your shop on.


  1. your gorgeousness always looks so damn effortless. how do you do it miss? :)

    going to check out the auction. hopefully something there fits me!

    do you ever go to art walk??

  2. woooow badass :D
    love it.
    thanks for the gorgeous comment xx