Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The W


Oh yea, Alaia, I just can't get enough.

Open bar = lots of these


(AA riding pant, Thrifted Oxford shirt, Alaia wedges)

Attended the Orthodox/American rag party at the W this past weekend with a couple of my lady friends. I haven't been out in a while...primarily due to school, work, and a little bit of boredom...but nonetheless I was entertained this time around with people watching.

This event was held at the W in Hollywood, which I haven't checked out yet. I usually try to stay away from things located in Hollywood as much as possible, because well...It's just not for me. I like to actually dance, have fun, and hang around in a little bit more grit, rather than smoke, drink aimlessly out of sheer boredom, pretend like I'm having fun, etc. No offense to anyone I hope. :)

That's just me.

I just bought the Canon SD 780, and can I just say I am starting to not like it. I am kind of hating on my SD780 actually. The settings and how the pictures come out at night is killing me Larry. Anyone have any pointers on how to optimize the use out of this bad boy? I would appreciate any help.

Side note, those American Apparel riding pants. Hi.

It's like a vacuum for sucking your whole entire being in. They're like spank leggings. I usually don't wear pants, because I am so petite, and I feel like it doesn't help my figure in general. But these, I feel like I'm 5 foot 9.' It's great and I highly recommend adding it as a staple to your wardrobe.


  1. You're cute doll. I just got a Canon G11 and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.... you should get one too so you can be that much cooler! ;)

  2. you are so cute! and i looooooove the alaia !!!
    we've officially never met. but we have mutual friends. nicole.annie.maila.and josh.
    just wanted to say hi and i totally enjoy reading your blog :)

  3. the whole look is fab. i've been wanting to get the aa riding pants, but i'm a little put off by the price :/ OH and your wedges!! WOW!


  4. i know i feel the same way. i used to work for AA for 4 years, so especially after being accustomed to discounts, it's hard for me too. But hot damn are they coming out with some good stuff. i only caved in cause the fit is unbelievable.

  5. Great pictures. You're beautiful!


  6. hey girl. i hope to see you around too! and we must say hi! :)
    as for camera. we use a nikon d90 with a 50mm lens. husband said he can help you out on your camera issues. but easier to explain via email. i'll email you his email addy. :)

  7. and yes girl. jesse aka hubby is pretty awesome with cameras, even point and shoot, :)

    i added you :)

  8. I've been contemplating those riding pants, this is encouraging! Although your camera horror story is kind of scaring me. I'm about to buy a camera (Canon 50D) and I'm researching but mostly assume whatever I get will suffice. But if you don't like yours.. uh oh! I hope you figure it out ;)

    xx Cristina

  9. you should've gotten a lumix ;) i purchased a gf1 a couple months ago.

    i research the heck out of everything before i purchase. check here for reviews and such on cameras: http://www.dpreview.com/