Thursday, June 24, 2010

white stripes.

(image generously supplied by hrstudioplus)


That's not me. Let's get that out of the way first.

But I love everything about this photo. Composition and the stripes, and the long black hair laying on her's the simple things that make me swoon.

Been really busy with the closing auctions, I haven't been able to post on the exciting things that have been happening. Maybe not to you, but to me they are. Ha.

I do have some good photo updates though. Will post them tomorrow. I've been getting really good feed back and possible bigger opportunities due to this blog and this store. I am really so stoked on everything happening to me for once. For a while I felt like everything was just passing me by.

Seriously...I was watching an episode of How To Make It In America and there was an episode of the two main characters having a conversation, about how most people just talk, have big dreams, really good ideas, and most of them just remain in the same place, because no one has the balls to act upon it. Cheesy as it sounds, I thought about that whole conversation...and I really took it to heart. Meaning, I finally decided to try to make something more beyond than just this blog...and selling of things from time to time.

I always sold on ebay, but it was always something here and there. Nothing serious. I truly enjoy doing this. Being able to do all the jobs I would've loved to do, but never was afforded the opportunity to do so. For once I am able to do my own "styling," photograph, write, "buy," and choose what BBLA was going to sell.

I apologize for this cheesy post in advance, but it seriously feels so wonderful to have something of my own, and being fully responsible for everything. Everything that I feel is good, honest, and me. Thank you to all you reading this, and that continue to generously supply your precious time following this blog. You are all definitely a big part as to why I really want to keep on keeping on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for once I feel like I'm on the right path, and much more than own.

Do you want a tissue with that? wah wah. :)

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  1. How to Make it In America needs to come back already! The first season was so good, but way too short!!