Friday, July 30, 2010

hardware + minnie

i bruise like a peach.


(Vena Cava Safety Pin Shirt + Alexander Wang nipple ring blouse)

(Opening Ceremony Oxford Sandals)

Thought I'd delight you in a recent purchase of mine, which is the Vena Cava top that I scored on sale! YES!

I saw it at Opening Ceremony originally, only to be heart broken at the thought of spending nearly $400 dollars on a shirt. Don't get me wrong, if I like it and it's an intelligently designed piece, I'll fork it out. At the time sadly, I was out of fundage and such, so I had to kiss it goodbye.

Luckily I found it on Milk's website...last one, my size..and 75% off. It was meant to be, right?

I win.

If you don't know by now that I am infatuated with all things hardware...well....I fucking love it. Especially if it's intertwined into clothing and/or jewelry. Strums the strings of my heart. I tried to take pictures of the Alex Wang nipple ring shirt...but the shots I took in that were just not happening. Nice to be your own photographer, in that regard. DELETE. Next session.

Anyway, talk soon.



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

photo diary cliff notes.

California beaches, BBQ's, and Beats!

Sorry for the crappy blackberry quality of this picture...btw..The beach is still glorious.


In the moment...

True bliss.

Chris is nightmoves.

Providers of aural pleasure.

Hmm...maybe those AA sheer high waisted briefs..not such a good idea under something sheer!


A chocolate bacon bar named after yours truly? Yes!

Terribly alive..and oh so fresh.

Happy as shit to be eating one of my favorite things to eat: CRAB!


Way to be such a slackerooni. I am behind on life and fashionable updates. Tsk, tsk.

This is what basically happened in the last week or so. Been busy with ye ol' internship...and all I'm gonna say is, wow...I finally love what I am doing. I can go on online shops and design sites all day...and it never feels like a pain in the ass. Love it! Speaking of which, I am all booked up for MAGIC and Project and the POOL trade show for vegas, to peruse all the lines. Who is going? I want a show of hands.

Of course with work, there comes play. Spent a good portion being on my little vacation in the city where I live and have come to take full advantage of. Started it off with taking a visit to the Getty Museum...gorgeous and amazing views of LA, as well as some good art.

Followed up by a beach party in the Ventura County...followed up by an all night loft dance party at my friend Eduardo's....Finally followed up by eating the poor live sea creatures...but my gawd were they freaking yummy.

Hope this fragmented cliff note of a paragraph sums everything as concise as I can. I am soo soo was a fun weekend though. Truly feel so blessed to have the people around in my life, my health..being able to work on my passion. I'm in a good place.

On a side note, I closed down my eBay store. DOES NOT MEAN I WILL NOT BE SELLING, PHOTOGRAPHING, ETC. I STILL WILL BE.

Just didn't make sense for me to pay the subscription, when I can basically do the same thing without it. So if you guys click on the'll look a little different....but I will still be selling stuff at least once a month. Just as always, I will always keep you posted here first or on my facebook page. Anyway, I owe some of you guys a visit! I will definitely do that soon, as soon as I get a breather...Love, love, love to all!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So my friend and I met each other up at a party...unknowingly of course coming up with the same outfits. We thought it was hilarious so we took a picture. Twiddle dee and Twiddle dumb.

We came from an exhausting day at douche bag central...then soon followed up after hours of sweaty dancing else where (thank god), which was much needed to help forget the dignity we lost just by being at the prior party. That's another story in itself.

I am in love with those AA sheer genie pants.They are perrrffect for the summer heat. I am also wearing American Apparel everything here pretty much. Good stuff to sweat in.


I am absolutely infatuated with this line. You can get some of SAVANT's pieces at

Someone hand me a mop to wipe the drool off the floor. Hi.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


(Image from CHICMUSE)

...layers haunt me again. Don't know if I can ever get over this look. The above image from the topshop F/W 10 look book.

The first picture up above, is from somewhere during Milan's fashion week and is a perfect example of another current obsession of mine: crochet dresses. I love pairing them with high-waist bottoms and a nice bra on top. Perfect way to wear nice, "airy" dresses for the summer. Maybe I just like the appearance of skin peaking underneath the clothes...

...not maybe. I just do.

Speaking of which, I purchased another one in brown and I am terribly excited. Instead of spending $126 USD on it, I spent only $24 USD this therefore it justifies the prior, right? right...Anyway those are my trend picks of the moment. Enjoy!

Monday, July 19, 2010


So I've been meaning to say a very heart felt thank you to Grace over at squarectomy, it was really such a pleasant and unexpected surprise for her to take the time to write a little blurb on me. I have been following grace's blog, since I probably started mine, and since then we've managed to keep in touch through each other's blogs.

The world of blogging is such a beautiful thing. It puts you in touch with others...mostly strangers from all over the globe, it is an information highway, you see the progression of your own growth as well as others, marketing yourself and your ideas, and most importantly it is your own visual resume (depending on what you do with it).

I, for a while, didn't know what I wanted out of this whole thing...and for a minute...there was a point of giving up..but I stuck with it..and now with some patience and afforded some new opportunities I have always dreamed of...that I am actually getting to do now, that I sometimes doubted I could ever have. I know that seems weird, seeing as what has been going on with life lately....but out of everything I want to say follow through is such an important thing.

Thank you Grace for following me, as long as I have followed you. Check her blog out!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

she's alive

LOUIS VUITTON canary yellow platforms

The IT bag. Rocco by Alexander Wang

Hi. We are live!! SHOP HERE!!

This lagger laggerton is ready to make some moves. Sorry for the delay. You know me...there's only so much this one little lady can do.

Here are some of my favorite picks out of this time around. I am seriously in love with that Splendid hoodie. It is super perfect for throwing on during a lazy day at the beach or a pool day...then soon after jumping onto your skate board riding the side walks of Venice beach and looking at all the crazies.

Ok my mind is playing tricks on me...I need to get out now. I have been sitting in front of this computer all day yesterday, I am dead inside. Time to enjoy those sun rays, this heat wave is killing me Larry.

That DG skirt, I have had for so many years. Kept it and never wore it, because it was just such an amazing piece to let go. It's very Maggie Gylenhaal via the way of The Secretary. Love that movie! It just doesn't fit me in the right place anymore. Sad face city, bummer central, population me. Time to give back to the fashion universe I always say.

Everything is up, with the exception of those LV platforms. For some reason eBay is being a dick fart and not letting me post them until 2 days later. Why, I have no idea. But check back, the hardware on that shoe, is face melting. Ok, going to be normal for once and enjoy the day. Happy saturday everyone!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


(image generously supplied

Hi there!

Thank you again for the wonderful comments! I am glad you really enjoy all the items thus far. I am terribly sorry that it is not getting up as fast as I or you would like, but it's been a busy week! Just started my new internship for a new start-up online retailer in where I will be doing everything from styling, having a hand in the women's buying, photographing some of these shoots, and everything else in between. It's unreal to me still! Dream job!

The merchandise and the selection so far is shaping up to be nice. Can't wait to show you all when it really launches! It's going to be a unique, fresh, and a ridiculous selection of good stuff.

So between this and that, the BBLA store is moving like a slow baby learning how to crawl.

Anyway, until I can take more photos and post of life on the west coast, I came across this painting from Igor + Andre. It is of the Lovely Swedish model Frida Gustavsson on the cover of Vogue Germany. Her lips are just pillowy!

p.s. If you didn't view all the auction previews for this week, view it on BBLA's facebook page. Good, good stuff!

p.s. #2 doesn't this drawing look similar to my bbla store banner? just a little...

Monday, July 12, 2010


For sale: The perfect slouchy hoodie by Splendid

For Sale: Alexander Wang Rocco Bag

For sale: Mike & Chris Cropped Hoodie with hole cut-outs

Your new disco skirt by Betsy Johnson

..difficulties, but the auctions will be up later this week. Between this and my new internship, the process of getting everything up will probably have a trickling effect of going up to the store. Not to worry, everything will be out of my possession and into yours very soon. Most likely can do several by tomorrow. View the whole collection by going onto BBLA's facebook page. You have got to peep the Louis Vuitton canary yellow platforms. They are to die for! Go, go now!

Thank you for all the lovely comments below. These new pieces are totally fun and versatile to work with.

Friday, July 9, 2010

out take

(For Sale: Costume National velvet skirt NWOT, pictured with Marni Belt, la cosa tank)

(FOR SALE: vtg High-Waisted Shorts, pictured with Alexander Wang cut out Shirt)

(Amazing Vintage Sheer pants)

(FOR SALE: TOPSHOP opening ceremony shorts, paired with rag & bone top)

(FOR SALE: Mike & Chris Cropped hoodie, paired with AA swim trunks with sheer panels, Patricia Field gloves, AA striped bra)

(FOR SALE: Alexander Wang T-shirt dress, paired with Society of Rational Dress vest)

(Alexander Wang Champagne dress with pockets)

(Alex Wang T Shirt Dress, House of Holland tights, Jessica Simpson Platforms, Patricia Field Gloves)

This Alexander Wang T shirt dress and much more on sale on MONDAY. Come, come, and shop with me. :)