Saturday, July 3, 2010


...F--k, sorry that was my jaw that dropped on the floor.

The latest IT bag, "Angela" from Alexander Wang. Get it HERE.

Died a little. Oh supreme higher being, why did you curse me with such a taste for the finer, more expensive things in life?

Speaking of our man Alex Wang, on a side note...I will be shooting the next batch...ferreal this time, next week! More Alex Wang clothes as well as bags, Chloe bag, Society of Rational Dress shoes with chain details, Costume National, Stella McCartney, and more!

To all those who bought from the last auction, thank you for all the kind words received. I hope you'll love the next one as much as the last one. Lots of goodies. Stay tuned.


  1. how on earth do you afford so many amazing shoes woman? i didn't realise you were selling so many!


  2. can't wait to see what you post to sell!! fingers crossed that i can get something ;)