Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So my friend and I met each other up at a party...unknowingly of course coming up with the same outfits. We thought it was hilarious so we took a picture. Twiddle dee and Twiddle dumb.

We came from an exhausting day at douche bag central...then soon followed up after hours of sweaty dancing else where (thank god), which was much needed to help forget the dignity we lost just by being at the prior party. That's another story in itself.

I am in love with those AA sheer genie pants.They are perrrffect for the summer heat. I am also wearing American Apparel everything here pretty much. Good stuff to sweat in.


  1. aahhhh, very cute pic! :) love stripes and u guys are wearing it well!

  2. so cute, i love the tops you're wearing. thanks for visiting me

    come by again soon

  3. I love the photo .))

  4. GREAT stuff to sweat in!

    Love Grace