Tuesday, July 27, 2010

photo diary cliff notes.

California beaches, BBQ's, and Beats!

Sorry for the crappy blackberry quality of this picture...btw..The beach is still glorious.


In the moment...

True bliss.

Chris is nightmoves.

Providers of aural pleasure.

Hmm...maybe those AA sheer high waisted briefs..not such a good idea under something sheer!


A chocolate bacon bar named after yours truly? Yes!

Terribly alive..and oh so fresh.

Happy as shit to be eating one of my favorite things to eat: CRAB!


Way to be such a slackerooni. I am behind on life and fashionable updates. Tsk, tsk.

This is what basically happened in the last week or so. Been busy with ye ol' internship...and all I'm gonna say is, wow...I finally love what I am doing. I can go on online shops and design sites all day...and it never feels like a pain in the ass. Love it! Speaking of which, I am all booked up for MAGIC and Project and the POOL trade show for vegas, to peruse all the lines. Who is going? I want a show of hands.

Of course with work, there comes play. Spent a good portion being on my little vacation in the city where I live and have come to take full advantage of. Started it off with taking a visit to the Getty Museum...gorgeous and amazing views of LA, as well as some good art.

Followed up by a beach party in the Ventura County...followed up by an all night loft dance party at my friend Eduardo's....Finally followed up by eating the poor live sea creatures...but my gawd were they freaking yummy.

Hope this fragmented cliff note of a paragraph sums everything as concise as I can. I am soo soo tired...it was a fun weekend though. Truly feel so blessed to have the people around in my life, my health..being able to work on my passion. I'm in a good place.

On a side note, I closed down my eBay store. DOES NOT MEAN I WILL NOT BE SELLING, PHOTOGRAPHING, ETC. I STILL WILL BE.

Just didn't make sense for me to pay the subscription, when I can basically do the same thing without it. So if you guys click on the banner..it'll look a little different....but I will still be selling stuff at least once a month. Just as always, I will always keep you posted here first or on my facebook page. Anyway, I owe some of you guys a visit! I will definitely do that soon, as soon as I get a breather...Love, love, love to all!


  1. Looks like so much FUN!!! thanks for sharing!!! xoxo

  2. ahh beaches ... i cant beleive i havent gone ..sad to think it but i probably wont ..antoer year anoter summer without the beach

  3. looks like u had an amazing week! lovin' the black crochet dress u wore to that party...


  4. i wish i could go to the Magic show! lucky you! and love those dancing shots..and that a live sea urchin!???i've never saw them like that! crazy! but i love them for sushi though..yum yum
    and that cobalt nail polish i have no idea who made it,i picked it out at the nail salon..but i think OPI has a similar one :)

  5. I like the guy holding the headphones. Thats a cool shot.


  6. awesome shots! I love the beachy ones. you have an incredible blog! xx

  7. looks like so mch fun!!


  8. this is my first time for visit your blog :D
    great pics and great outfits :)
    DaisyLine from http://daisyline.blogspot.com/