Saturday, July 17, 2010

she's alive

LOUIS VUITTON canary yellow platforms

The IT bag. Rocco by Alexander Wang

Hi. We are live!! SHOP HERE!!

This lagger laggerton is ready to make some moves. Sorry for the delay. You know me...there's only so much this one little lady can do.

Here are some of my favorite picks out of this time around. I am seriously in love with that Splendid hoodie. It is super perfect for throwing on during a lazy day at the beach or a pool day...then soon after jumping onto your skate board riding the side walks of Venice beach and looking at all the crazies.

Ok my mind is playing tricks on me...I need to get out now. I have been sitting in front of this computer all day yesterday, I am dead inside. Time to enjoy those sun rays, this heat wave is killing me Larry.

That DG skirt, I have had for so many years. Kept it and never wore it, because it was just such an amazing piece to let go. It's very Maggie Gylenhaal via the way of The Secretary. Love that movie! It just doesn't fit me in the right place anymore. Sad face city, bummer central, population me. Time to give back to the fashion universe I always say.

Everything is up, with the exception of those LV platforms. For some reason eBay is being a dick fart and not letting me post them until 2 days later. Why, I have no idea. But check back, the hardware on that shoe, is face melting. Ok, going to be normal for once and enjoy the day. Happy saturday everyone!!


  1. checking it all out now!!!


  2. Great outfit..
    Your LV shoes are to die for...

  3. wow seriously lady, those are some sick items, i don't know how you can even part with them LOL love that splendid jacket! ima go check them out now hehe

  4. These are amazing, I will pop by your store later :)), happy weekend xoxo

  5. oh excuse me, I have some shopping to do - hoping those LV shoes will be up!

  6. okay. that hoodie is amazing. i think i just fell in love. x

  7. OMG!! I love that Peter Som black shirt!! Great stuff!! xoxoxoxoo

  8. most chic secretary I saw in ages ;)
    too lovely

  9. How are you surviving the heat dear?!

    GOSH I AM EYEING THAT hoodie, watching it on Ebay now. I'm going to have to check the measurements though.

    I hope you had a fun day after sitting in front of the computer screen all day! :)

  10. love the hoodie and also the black blouse! very cute xxx

  11. great ebay store! p.s. u make the hoodie look so cool & stylish...