Monday, July 12, 2010


For sale: The perfect slouchy hoodie by Splendid

For Sale: Alexander Wang Rocco Bag

For sale: Mike & Chris Cropped Hoodie with hole cut-outs

Your new disco skirt by Betsy Johnson

..difficulties, but the auctions will be up later this week. Between this and my new internship, the process of getting everything up will probably have a trickling effect of going up to the store. Not to worry, everything will be out of my possession and into yours very soon. Most likely can do several by tomorrow. View the whole collection by going onto BBLA's facebook page. You have got to peep the Louis Vuitton canary yellow platforms. They are to die for! Go, go now!

Thank you for all the lovely comments below. These new pieces are totally fun and versatile to work with.


  1. i need i mean seriously need the bag and the perfect hoodie


  2. i lovelove your shoes. the heel is PERFECT!!

  3. I really like the bag!!

  4. I'll take it all. can't wait for the auction to be up and running. Boy am I glad I ran across your blog, you've got panache.

    Love Grace.

  5. you are such a hottie missy!! wish I could fit into your clothes! thanks for sweet comment :)

  6. Love these photos!! The Wang Bag is too cool for words! xoxoxoo

  7. You own a lot of great stuff and a stunning sense of style.

  8. omg! everything is soooo cool. want them all!

    There's a GIVEAWAY of a featured item in 5inchandup CHECK IT OUT at hope you are in!

  9. What a fun blog you have here.. and you're selling a lot of great pieces.. I love the Rocco bag! sigh.

    xx Love & Aloha
    **Swing by, I have a little giveaway going on!