Thursday, August 12, 2010

heavy rotation

Loving this track right now...Going to see them at the Hollywood Bowl with Hot Chip. This is going to be of epic proportions.

Been busy with work. Just finished looking at some exciting lines for both men and women during LA market. Now I'm getting ready and preparing meetings for Project/Capsule/EnK/Workroom shows for Vegas. Gonna be a busy girl for the next couple of weeks. So if any of you feel like I am giving up on this blog, never. I am just in the middle of trying to create something exciting and great!

Going to try to take some updated pictures of life in Cali, as well as some exciting designers I am discovering for the new online store I am helping create. It's going to be your next shopping destination, I promise!

Anyway, I hope all of you are well, I owe lots of you some visits. I feel so out of touch. But thinking of you always. :)


  1. Love LCD and good luck with these projects you're working on;))

  2. Miss Sweet Mo!

    HOLLYWOOD BOWL+ LCD SS+ HOT CHIP. awesome summer night!

    Good luck with all your fun work! Are you a designer? I'd love to go to one of your shows one day! ^^

    I am also excited for you to unveil my next shopping destination :).