Thursday, August 12, 2010

losing my religion

(Images supplied by

Can't wait to see the full spread in the upcoming V magazine September issue. The publication will be solely dedicated to all things NYC, and will be thee New York issue.

"Aggy gets in the East Village vibe, sporting the same face paint worn by Hare Krishnas the world over, looking slightly gutter-punk with a wicked painful piercing, and channeling Britney Spears-gone-goth with a giant bag of Cheetos. Natch, hand-rolled ciggies are all over the place, while Doc Martens, mesh shirts, and tons and tons of studs make multiple cameos. "


  1. Agyness is gorgeous as always!

  2. These pics are very inspiring.. shes beautiful

  3. Ah. So Beautiful. Androgyny rules!!

    and I, somehow, have a new appreciation for a giant bag Cheetos. Oh, subliminal product placement, my Chicago-residing ass hates you.

  4. very gorgeous! love it
    take also a look at mine and maybe we can become blogfriends :)?