Friday, August 27, 2010

Paint Bucket

Veronica and I with my new kittens. I named them nipples. :) Nipple 1, Nipple 2.

Nipple 1 being a scaredy cat.

Never saw cat hair stand up so straight like that. Catcupine.

Veronica standing in front of the creepy and beautiful Victorian house I live behind.

I guess it was the premiere.

...had no idea...

Jazz night.

Photoshoot with the infamous Lady Copper.

Damn I look tall. I wish I was this much taller than most people. Just sayin'
(F21 blouse, Topshop shorts, Vtg red flats, Posso the spat Spats)

Painted the town red with my friend Veronica a couple nights ago. We went to the old Broadway bar for Jazztonic. Right beside the old bar is the old school theater the Orpheum, and I guess the big premiere was happening. Buttloads of people there. Whoops!

We had a pretty mellow night, had a couple drinks heard some live jazz as well as some spoken word. On the way out, we saw Lady Copper (Lady Copper is this infamous female rapper/vocalist based here in LA, a bit of a character that's been in the scene (whichever that may be) she's kind of legendary.) on our way out...asked if we could snap a few shots with her, which then in turn, turned into a mini photo shoot...

The photos with her make me smile...


  1. yea i wish i were just a few inches taller - i like to think that it would make me thinner and even everything out... haha


  2. love the striped top. congrats on your new kitties btw! sooo cute

  3. aww cute cats! wow that would freak me out..that hair is up straight!!

    Just showing the love

    Dee xx

  4. awww Nipples!!! hahaa you're so funny and you girls look great!

  5. cute cats!!! i love the names hahaha.

  6. I need to go to a jazz night! I can't wait to move to Los Angeles in November!

    Love Grace.