Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hong kong garden

(In Chanel)

(Zhang Ziyi in Prada)

Photographed by fashion photographer Yu Tsai, styled by Melissa Rubini, style assistant Monique Aquino

Whew...took me a minute to find whatever images I could find, but these few images will do for now. This is the editorial shoot that I worked on for MUSE magazine. For this day we had shot about 10 looks at Smash Box Studios in West Hollywood. The collections used for the shoot ranged from Balenciaga, a Prada latex dress (which Zhang Ziyi's last picture is in), Chanel jewelry and wardrobe for days (I was literally dying), and so much more.

It was a really cool experience, but not gonna lie, being in that whole industry of editorial work is tiring, LOOOOONNNNGGG, and exhausting. But well worth all the eye candy.

It was such an honor to see Yu Tsai in action as well as working with Melissa Rubini.
Yu Tsai is reknowned fashion photographer and has done impeccable work that I'm sure if you don't know about him by now, his work is highly recognizeable. You must click on Melissa Rubini's link too, she has done most of Prada's most recent campaigns, among other things.

On another note....I must say out of the whole issue...I really did enjoy the clothing and shoot of Liu Wen a little bit more... actually a lot more of my stee-lo...duh...

Liu Wen Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar!


  1. congrats! this is amazing work... many people don't realize how much work goes on behind the scenes, but the final product is truly stunning...i'm sure it's a labor of love.

  2. these are amazing ! you should be proud to be a part of it :)

  3. How cool! I like your blog you have a great way of blogging.

  4. Totally gorgeous shots, she is beautiful and the photography work is amazing. What a great experience for you.


  5. The rope bandeau is pretty amazing!

    Love Grace.

  6. cant believe u get to be a part of such an exicting thing..i would love to do such editorials some day...just don know how to get into the industry :( ,,,

  7. just found your blog, love it!! :) these images are fabulous! esp the first one x

  8. omg im EATING kitkat right now as i'm reading your post!! hahaha and what an awesome work you're doing mo! i will die to be in the place with such incredible people in the fashion industry!

  9. gorgeous pics. She looks amazing!xx

  10. très jolies photos, j'adore tous ces looks

  11. awesome post! love that first photo especially. Great cover! They all look beautiful, though.

    Quench Fab

  12. wow that's amazing. they both look absolutely stunning!
    how were you a part of it? that must have been a great experience!