Sunday, October 24, 2010

snap snap

Showroom breakfast. Candy.

Work, work, work, work, work, work....linesheets, lookbooks, oh my...

Leaving the Fremont Show. photo by: Olivia

Love my Marni-inspired vintage lucite necklace.
(AA sample turtle neck dress, Vtg sheer pants, Marni belt, Gucci bracelet, Annie Brown Costello necklace, spike Jonze for opening ceremony claw ring)

Villains Tavern downtown LA
(Bartender's choice: with bourbon, made with egg whites, cardamon, and cinnamon)

Pick your poision.

(Cynthia Vincent silk dress, H&M hosiery, AA opaque knee highs, Jessica Simpson platforms)

Friday, October 22, 2010


mellow yellow

my closet: watanabe.

my closet: one of my all time faves.

placing an order for this bondage piece from chromats. Transforms any dull outfit. seriously

what do you think? i am kind of in love with these. thinking of picking them up for the store.

our first catalog shoot!

me taken a breather.

model in LNA and Shapeshiftr leggings.


Shape Shiftr NYC and posso the spat.

James in Nortwick and detachable collar, stand + tie


end of day.

Finally, a little glimpse into what has partly been consuming my time as of late. Just wrapped up LA fashion week. Attended the shows, finished placing orders for it is down to the nitty gritty. Had my first hand on working on our catalog and editorial shoots for the new store I am putting together. It really felt cemented this week, when I actually got to play with the clothes, dream up some looks...a little unreal...being able to work every job I ever really wanted to do, and now I get to do a little bit of it all. Seriously, there's not a day that goes by, with how surreal this all is still to me. It's truly beautiful to do something that you love wholeheartedly. I try to remind myself (daily) that it can be a rare experience for most...doing what you love.

It feels like the glorious aspect of giving birth. Not the painful part. To see the slow growth of something, and produce it into something beyond your wildest imagination.

Anyway...The pictures are a little all over the place...but basically this was the past 2 weeks. An accumulation of visiting show rooms, placing orders, coordinating the shoots, model casting,'s been a wild ride..I think the last picture of Dahlia in shape shiftr is probably my favorite.

Also my friend Kara at collar, stand + tie...her pieces are definitely on my top wish list from the store. Love the versatility of it, and the fact that it adds dimension to any outfit, girl or boy.

Yes, although I do the buying for the store, I too have to put restraint...and make sure I buy for the store and not just myself. :)

Most of what you see, is what you will get and available at:

Site is not live yet...

But we will be launching in a week or so...but go take a visit and sign up for launch news, future deals and steals, pre-order, and designer heaven..everything is hand selected and is a very thoughtful and edited selection of amazingness...

And if you feel hesitant about that, you can "like" it too. I placed the like box on my page so it can be a way easier way to be updated. Lots of fun behind the scenes updates there...probably a little bit more than here...

Going to be posting pictures from the Fremont show from last week, just need to take a breather...whewww.....

Monday, October 18, 2010


Surface 2 Air the Pandora shoe S/S 11'

Cannot wait to have these.

They say patience is a virtue. Well I say screw it, I live for instant gratification.

Finished up LA market and the D & A show today. Will be posting up photo updates soon. Have some fantastic preview shots of the Fremont show from last Saturday....stay tuned! Amazing buys are in store for you and I cannot wait to share the news of this store's launch. Ridiculous selection of merchandise! Dream inventory for girls and boys alike!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hodge podge

what i see and say goodbye to after work.

dim sum saturdays. chinatown, downtown LA.

foot fetish nirvana.

sharp objects. love my new alexis bittar cuff.

marianne's impromptu bash.

leaving work.

by Olivia.

vintage lucite necklace, purchased somewhere in the lower east side.

see it. wear it. smell it.

I have yet to still post NYC. Sorry.

To say the least, my life has been a shit show that rivals that of the telemundo Spanish soap opera. But I'll leave it at that. Just sayin' it's nice to be rid of some evil toxins...actually I am going to elaborate with a simple quote and leave the rest up to your demise:

"the thing that you want most in the world can be waiting to drop into your hand, but you will never catch it unless you let go of the trash that you are holding on to."

Just sayin.

On a happier note, just been makin' moves at work. Love, love, love my yob...yes, i said yob.

Lots of lines secured for next season, shooting catalog and editorial work for the next following weeks, and I cannot wait to see the final result. Yes!

Other than that...just trying to keep afloat with school. It is kicking my ass right now...As far as this week is lined up, LA market, Designer & Agents show, LA "fashion" have lots to do to keep me busy and to hopefully fill this blog up with updates...hope all is well out there in bloggerworld! Love!

Friday, October 1, 2010

pre-order my butt

Just got these in today, after "pre-ordering" these for the month of september, back in july. gosh sole struck is really amazing at what they do. Creating a fear or a sense of scarcity to pressure you to preorder, and then of course only to find out, that 1) They are still selling the damn shoe. 2) in more f-ing colors than a rainbow.

Of course I freaking fell for it, because the same exact thing happened with the infamous Jessica Simpson platform, that everyone was dying over. It was a $90 shoe! Sold on ebay for up to $300 USD. Girls are f-in crazy. Of course they went on sale a few months later, I feel bad for the ones who purchased them at such a lousy price.

I'm a little bitter, but I am taking comfort in the fact I have a new pair of 6" of height to add to my wee tiny self. Still working on what pictures to pick and choose from new york to post here, because there is just wayyy too many...but I am still going to post! My little project for the weekend. :)

Oh ya, if you're in the dark (which you shouldn't be) about which shoes these are, they are the Lita's by Jeffrey Campbell. Offered at, and as I said, they have more colors than that of a care bear pooping skittles.