Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hodge podge

what i see and say goodbye to after work.

dim sum saturdays. chinatown, downtown LA.

foot fetish nirvana.

sharp objects. love my new alexis bittar cuff.

marianne's impromptu bash.

leaving work.

by Olivia.

vintage lucite necklace, purchased somewhere in the lower east side.

see it. wear it. smell it.

I have yet to still post NYC. Sorry.

To say the least, my life has been a shit show that rivals that of the telemundo Spanish soap opera. But I'll leave it at that. Just sayin' it's nice to be rid of some evil toxins...actually I am going to elaborate with a simple quote and leave the rest up to your demise:

"the thing that you want most in the world can be waiting to drop into your hand, but you will never catch it unless you let go of the trash that you are holding on to."

Just sayin.

On a happier note, just been makin' moves at work. Love, love, love my yob...yes, i said yob.

Lots of lines secured for next season, shooting catalog and editorial work for the next following weeks, and I cannot wait to see the final result. Yes!

Other than that...just trying to keep afloat with school. It is kicking my ass right now...As far as this week is lined up, LA market, Designer & Agents show, LA "fashion" week....is happening...so have lots to do to keep me busy and to hopefully fill this blog up with updates...hope all is well out there in bloggerworld! Love!


  1. hiii mo! sounds like you're having so much fun at your YOB! hehe
    you know what's funny, my friend totally fell for the same Lita trap as well, she even pre-ordered them a size bigger, now that they came, they're too big for her! so now she's looking at all those rainbow colors and decided to get another pair in purple in the right size..and I will be buying hers LOL
    we girls ARE crazy.

  2. OMG I just found your blog today and I heart it....you write like you are talking to a gf over lunch and I love how personable it is....new follower def...