Friday, October 1, 2010

pre-order my butt

Just got these in today, after "pre-ordering" these for the month of september, back in july. gosh sole struck is really amazing at what they do. Creating a fear or a sense of scarcity to pressure you to preorder, and then of course only to find out, that 1) They are still selling the damn shoe. 2) in more f-ing colors than a rainbow.

Of course I freaking fell for it, because the same exact thing happened with the infamous Jessica Simpson platform, that everyone was dying over. It was a $90 shoe! Sold on ebay for up to $300 USD. Girls are f-in crazy. Of course they went on sale a few months later, I feel bad for the ones who purchased them at such a lousy price.

I'm a little bitter, but I am taking comfort in the fact I have a new pair of 6" of height to add to my wee tiny self. Still working on what pictures to pick and choose from new york to post here, because there is just wayyy too many...but I am still going to post! My little project for the weekend. :)

Oh ya, if you're in the dark (which you shouldn't be) about which shoes these are, they are the Lita's by Jeffrey Campbell. Offered at, and as I said, they have more colors than that of a care bear pooping skittles.


  1. hurry up! post your ny pics!


  2. Oh these are so amazing but if I get them I'll probbly be taller than most of the guys around me:DDD soo congrats about them and I can't wait to see some NY shots:)))

  3. I love the printed hippie-esque print they are coming out with soon! I need a pair, but I can't decide on which color of the rainbow(s) to go with....

    Love Grace.

  4. HEHEHE...i am soo glad i didnt fall for it..i was about it..i almost placed an order too..then i didnt have money so i couldnt buy them...

    i love the purple color in them, but i dont want them anymore coz i have seen them on way too many ppl and blogs...[sorry didnt mean to make u feel bad] ...but ur right, u cant change the fact that they still are a freaking amazing pair!!!

  5. Unlike everybody I really don't like Lita's ... but happy that you're happy with them.
    When you feel good in something then you look even better.
    So don't mind me hehe :) post some pics with them ;)